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Your Favorite Pizza Can Reveal Who You Are – What to Know

Forget about taking a personality test to find out who you really are. Sometimes, all it takes is pizza, and you get a gist of someone’s personality. We’re not joking—here’s what your pizza preference says about your personality.

  1. Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza topped with pineapples gives that sweet and salty flavors, but what does this say about your personality? People who enjoy Hawaiian pizza tend to be confident, laid-back, and quirky.

If you enjoy the good ‘ol ham and pineapples on your pizza, you are comfortable with who you are. Moreover, you don’t easily get worn down by worries or anxieties due to your laid-back personality.

It takes a special type of person to appreciate the flavors of the Hawaiian pizza, and because of this, people close to you may see you unique and quirky.

  1. Plain Pizza

Some people enjoy a plain pizza—yes, without the toppings. The cheese, sauce, and bread are already satisfying to them, and if you’re one of them, then you’re probably reliable and steadfast.

If you enjoy plain pizza, it shows that you’re dependable and reliable. Another thing is that it’s an indicator that you don’t worry too much but you need to work on stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit more.

  1. Pepperoni Pizza

Ah, the classic pizza. Back in the days, when you hear the word pizza, what comes to mind is a pizza topped with cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. In fact, there’s an emoji for this, and that makes this pizza the pizza.

If you enjoy your classic pepperoni, you’re most probably fun, and you love being around people. You’re also someone who cares deeply about your loved ones.

  1. Sausage and Pepper Pizza

Call it the yin and yang of pizza toppings, the sausage and pepper pizza is comforting and satisfying. It provides the perfect balance of meat and vegetables. If you enjoy this pizza, then you likely love things being balanced. You make sure that you live a balanced life.

You’re also the person people go to for advice because you tend to give the best insights to almost any problems.

  1. Extra Cheese Pizza

Who doesn’t want extra cheese on their pizza? Well, if you don’t mind the extra calories, though. If your go-to pizza order is extra cheese, then you have a driven and indulgent personality.

You’re the epitome of YOLO—you indulged in the things that you love. What’s best about you is that you know what you want and you don’t hesitate to get them. Your driven personality makes you inspiring, and people love having you around.

  1. Meat Lovers Pizza

Okay, carnivore—here’s a pizza that will give you that much-needed daily protein consumption (or more). Besides, a pizza loaded with meat is every man’s dream. If this is your favorite type of pizza, then you’re outspoken and proud.

You never shy away with expressing your feelings. There is also that strong sense of pride that you carry around with you. To top it off, you just love who you are, and you’re not afraid to show it.


Forget astrology and other personality quizzes, if you want to get to know someone, learn what type of pizza they love. Pizza toppings preference can say a lot about someone’s personality.

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