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3 Tips for Ordering Just the Right Amount of Pizza for a Group – Our Guide

We’ve all been in this situation once or twice before: you’re chilling at home with your buddies, when suddenly, everyone’s stomachs start to rumble. You can either cook some food or order out. The obvious choice is chosen: ordering out.

And what’s the best take-out to get for a group? Well pizza of course! Fresh and ready-to-eat pizza doesn’t even require you to use plates or utensils—just grab a slice and munch away! Plus, not only is it convenient, but you pizza’s big enough to fulfill the hunger pangs of an entire group.

That said, how much pizza you order will depend on many factors, from the number of people to the special considerations you’ll have to make, such as ordering for vegetarians. Here are our three tips for ordering just the right amount of pizza for a group:

1. Calculate the slices

Most pizzas come in slices of six to twelve, depending on size (unless you make specific requests to the pizza restaurant.) For this example, we’ll be talking about your standard medium-sized pizzas, which usually come in slices of eight.

In most cases, an individual will eat approximately three slices. With that information in mind, do some basic math. If you have five hungry mouths to feed, then that means you’ll need about fifteen slices of pizza, give or take. You can get that amount with two boxes of pizza, since they’ll be sliced up in eighths.

Just to play it safe, however, we always recommend that you order extra. It’s always better to have some leftovers to eat for later rather than not having enough, leaving some people still hungry for more.

2. Check the Pizzas

We mentioned that a pizza usually consists of eight slices, and those pizzas are generally medium-sized. Smaller pizzas will have approximately six slices, while the larger ones will have ten or even twelve slices. These numbers will help you decide how many you should order to feed the hungry mouths in your home.

Following the previous example, if you’re feeding five mouths, you can consider ordering one large and one small, or two mediums. While this will give you slightly more than three slices an individual, again, it’s always better to have a little too much than too little. After all, pizzas still taste incredible the next day.

3. Consider the Individuals

While we mentioned that an individual usually eats three slices of pizza, that’s only a given if the individual is an adult. If they’re children, they’ll probably end up eating a slice or two max. On the other hand, if your group consists of energy-burning teenagers ready for a hike, they’ll eat four, maybe even five, slices.

Thus, consider who you’re feeding. Better yet, consider what they’re going to do after or what they did before. If your group just finished swimming in the pool or is preparing for a hike, having extra food will help satisfy that rumbling stomach.


After all that reading, by now you should be a confident pizza-ordering aficionado. In summary, you should consider how many people there are to feed. Second, consider what pizzas you’re going to order. Note the number of slices. Finally, think about who you’re feeding. Children will eat less compared to teens or adults. Armed with all this information, get out there and get your pizza-ordering started!

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