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Sausage Green Pepper Onion Pizza

Doreen’s Pizzeria – The Many Creative Ways You Can Eat Your Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. When you eat pizza, you get to indulge in a quick meal without having to deal with something tasteless and unappetizing. The thing about pizza is that they’ve been around for centuries, and most people are used to the variety of flavors and ingredient combinations. Did you know that there are many

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Stuffed Pizza

Doreen’s Pizzeria – A Quick and Easy Guide to Chicago-Style Pizzas

Chicago-style pizza has always been hailed as one of the most iconic styles in the world. With its unique deep-dish approach where it blurs the line between a fruit pie and a pizza, the Chicago-style has become so well-known and influential everywhere. Even in San Francisco, Seattle, Napa Valley, or Dyer, Indiana restaurants, the Chicago

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Sausage Green Pepper Onion Pizza

Doreen’s Pizzeria – Fun and Creative Ideas to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding

Wedding receptions are one of the most awaited parts of the celebration. This is where almost all the fun activities happen: hitting the dance floor, playing games with guests, and most importantly, bonding over delicious food and refreshments. When the reception menu is mentioned, classic food options like roasted chicken, pasta, and filet mignon come

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