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Pizza Wedding | Why & How to Achieve It – Our Guide

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or doing the planning yourself, you have to make sure everything’s taken care of so that your big day goes smoothly.

What’s more challenging is finding the balance between meeting your standards, ensuring your guests would enjoy and feel comfortable, and that everything fits your budget!

Here’s a tip on how to bring your dream wedding to life with less stress: serve pizzas.

Why have pizza at your wedding?

First of all, why not? Pizzas in wedding receptions are slowly becoming a trend here in the US. You’d find pizzas in wedding receptions either as decorations or better yet, as food. Since the trend is just starting, you’d be one of the firsts to give a brand new wedding experience to your guests.

Second, it’s a filling option when you’re trying to cut down on your expenses. It’s way cheaper than the usual extravagant catered menus. With pizzas, you can offer several flavor options or let your guests customize their slice. At your wedding, you give your guests the freedom to choose what they want to eat.

Last, everyone loves pizza, right?

How to creatively add pizza in your wedding

If you’re indeed in love with pizza—its cheesy goodness, flavorful, fresh toppings, and crunchy crust—here are other ways to incorporate it into your special day:

1. Bond with your family and friends over a DIY pizza bar

Here’s an activity you can try before your wedding day. Wedding days can be super busy. You’re never sure if you can talk and spend time with all your guests, but having a DIY pizza bar days before your wedding can be a great time to speak and bond with your loved ones. What is better than sharing your favorite food with the people you love? Making it with them!

2. Order pizza for your rehearsal dinner

Not feeling the pizza for your reception menu but secretly want to? It’s okay! You can always order pizza for your rehearsal dinner. It’s a great substitute and the perfect gift you can give to yourself.

3. Feeling jittery on the day of your wedding? Eat a pizza.

What happens at your wedding is out of your hands, but one thing is for sure: it’s gonna be a long day. So fill your tummy with the nicest food you can think of—yes, that’s pizza. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight or not fitting on your dress or suit because healthy and low-in-cholesterol pizzas exist!

4. Share the pizza love to your guests

To make the experience even better, why not offer pizzas in to-go boxes? Instead of sending out souvenirs your guests might not use or need, you can always give something they’d love and eat. If you don’t have a budget for solo pizzas for each guest, you can always serve pizzas as a dessert replacement.


Pizza is a universal food and always a crowd favorite, at least for us pizza-lovers. No one can tell where and when you can only eat it. Serve them on your wedding day, your first child’s baptism, or even on the non-momentous days. Nothing should stop anyone from enjoying those fresh-from-the-oven slices of cheesy pizza!

Feeling hungry?

We are Doreen’s Pizzeria and we can take care of your pizza cravings and party needs! Our pizzas are low in cholesterol, always fresh, and we only use premium low-fat mozzarella cheese. We have restaurants in Dyer, Indiana, and Hegewisch, Chicago. Order now and see what else we can serve you!

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