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Doreen’s Pizzeria | Your Slice of the Truth – Debunking Popular Pizza Myths

Pizza myths and misconceptions are common on the Internet, and there are a ton of them out there. There are even raging debates on pineapple slices on pizza and the best kind of crust. Regardless of your views on the best pizza, you should at least get to know the truth behind some of the most popular myths. That way, you can become a pizza-loving expert!

This article will debunk popular misconceptions about pizza. The main goal is to expand your pizza-loving knowledge and have some interesting facts to share during your next pizza party.

  1. The Hawaiian Pizza

You may be thinking that the Hawaiian pizza is an authentic classic of the Aloha State because of its abundance of tropical vibes and pineapples. But the truth is the Hawaiian pizza comes from Canada.

In 1962, a Greek-born Canadian chef named Sam Panopoulos made the Hawaiian pizza because he was just trying to have fun, and the combination later became popular worldwide.

The Hawaiian pizza has a sort of love-hate relationship for most of the Internet, but you shouldn’t shy away from it! The moral lesson of this myth: Top your pizza with anything you want. As long as you’re having fun, no one can stop you!

  1. Pizza and other dishes as Italian Classics

Italy is often associated with many popular culinary inventions: the chicken parmigiana, spaghetti with meatballs, and pizza. However, that is a misconception. The pizza was invented in Naples around the seventh and eighteenth centuries, but it was a Greek settlement. The place was called Neapolis until 1861 when Italy took over.

Spaghetti with meatballs and chicken parmigiana may also sound very Italian, but Italian immigrants in the United States invented them. This myth confirms that pizza and other classic foods will be enjoyed no matter the origin, but you need to make sure everyone gets their share during any feast!

  1. Reheat pizza in the microwave

This is a familiar scene in most college dorms because pizza is often leftover party food, but nuking it in the microwave will only ruin the crust and the topping. The pizza will become soggy and an unsatisfying breakfast.

The best way to reheat the pizza is to warm it up on a skillet. You can also use some butter to let the edges crispen up and make the cheese extra gooey. You can also top it with a sunny-side-up egg to let the rich yolk coat your pizza, making it extra delicious!

  1. Pizza is unhealthy

You may hesitate to eat pizza because some health enthusiasts say it’s bad for your health. This health issue is also why most pizza lovers don’t have pizza for breakfast; they have been told that it is unhealthy to start your day with something so fatty and loaded with salt. However, not all pizza is unhealthy.

We at Doreen’s Pizzeria know that you may be looking for the best pizza experience but hesitate to order because of a lack of healthy options. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! We have healthy pizza options for you, such as our veggie pizza and gluten-free pizza. We also have different salads to make sure that your pizza experience is nutritious and fun!


Many pizza myths circulate on the web, but you can always rely on one truth: it’s delicious! And fortunately, all you have to do to enjoy your best slice is to find it. Take note of all the debunked pizza myths and discover the best today!

Doreen’s Pizzeria offers you the best pizzas in Indiana with our Chicago-style stuffed pizza and other tasty options. We also provide pizza catering and delivery services for your convenience. Debunk pizza myths and throw the best pizza parties today.

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