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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 7 Unusual but Awesome Pizza Toppings You Should Try

Although pizza has always been a crowd favorite, countless pizzerias now offer various flavors to make their versions unique. Each of these establishments continually experiments with unique toppings and techniques to enhance their customers’ experience.

Everyone knows that pizza is never a boring food choice, but if you are looking for a unique twist to your favorite comfort food, we have here the craziest pizza toppings that actually taste great. If you think pineapple on a pizza is already questionable, wait ’til you see what we have in store.

Topping Option 1: Eggs

Eggs are always yummy, but seeing them on top of your favorite pizza might be too weird. But did you know that eggs are a common pizza topping in Italy and some parts of the US? The best thing about eggs is that they come in different forms. You can use them cooked, runny, semi-solid, or whatever your preference is. Moreover, eggs are undeniably healthy food, translating to less guilt for you as you devour several slices.

Topping Option 2: Hummus

Hummus is a healthy food gaining popularity recently, and it can be a great addition to your pizza. If you love hummus and pizza, you will definitely love them together. It is the best topping for the health-conscious. If you still cannot imagine how it tastes, go ahead and try it, and you will be surprised by how this combination can leave you in awe.

Topping Option 3: Kale

Another oddly good topping for health-conscious eaters is kale. If you have not tried or even heard about this topping, you should go out and find some to try now. Kale is rich in fiber and vitamin C, allowing you to finally enjoy a healthy salad along with your favorite pizza slice.

Topping Option 4: Sriracha

People are going crazy over this sauce, so imagine it as the sauce for your pizza! It might sound strange, but a single bite will blow your mind.

Topping Option 5: Corn

There is nothing weird about corn. It is just that you do not usually see it on top of pizzas, or maybe you are more used to seeing other veggie toppings, such as olives and sun-dried tomatoes, on your pizza. However, give this ingredient a chance. Freshly roasted sweet corn actually tastes delicious when added to a classic pizza.

Topping Option 6: Crab Meat

There is an old Italian adage that seafood and cheese never go well together. If you are a firm believer of this Italian culinary tradition, wait ’til you try crab meat on top of your pizza. It will surely change your mind. In fact, some trend-setting pizza chains in New York sell real crab meat as a pizza topping, and people love it.

Topping Option 7: Cashew Cheese

If you are a vegan wanting to savor the good kind of cheese on a pizza, this recommendation is for you. Cashew cheese is apparently the best vegan choice for foodies these days. Pizzerias have taken advantage of this demand and created pizzas topped with this ingredient to satisfy their vegan and dairy-free customers’ cravings.


The classic pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms will never go old. However, trying something new is always an exciting addition to your food adventure. Try looking for or requesting these topping options the next time you order or make your pizza, and remember to tell us what you think!

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