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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 4 Useful Tips to Store Your Pizza Properly at Home – Our Guide

There’s nothing like eating a fresh slice of pizza to turn your whole day around. People love to order pizza delivery no matter the occasion, making it a regular addition to everyone’s list of favorite food to eat.

Not only can you score great discounts from pizza places that offer convenient deliveries, but you can also jump in on huge serving sizes—that often end with you having too many leftovers. To guarantee they will still taste as good as the first time, you should learn to store your pizza correctly.

Since pizza typically contains cheese, meat, and other toppings, they could become contaminated if left out at room temperature for some time. For the best results, you should keep the pizza in a safe place, only popping it into the oven when it’s time to heat and eat it.

Keep reading below to find out useful tips to keep your pizza tasting yummy and ready for your next meal.

Keep Your Pizza Warm

When your pizza delivery arrives, and you have no plans of eating it anytime soon because you’re either waiting for mealtime or for other people to arrive, then it’s best to keep it in the oven. Doing so will keep the freshness and warmth of your pizza and prevent bacteria from growing on it.

It’s also recommended to avoid making a habit of leaving your pizza on the table because it’s more likely to cool down after a while. Aside from that, it can attract bacteria even quicker due to it being exposed. If you want to keep the great taste of a Chicago-stuffed pizza, your best bet is keeping it warm in the right place!

Keep Pizza in the Fridge

If you’ve ordered several boxes, then you can expect to have some leftovers. Once you’re done, you can place them inside the refrigerator or freezer so you can eat them later and keep the bacteria at bay.

For best results, your freezer temperature should be set to zero degrees Fahrenheit, while your fridge should be set at a maximum of forty degrees or even lower. Providing the right temperature can eliminate any chances of your pizza to become spoiled before you get the chance to finish it up!

Reheat Your Pizza

If it’s time to eat your leftover pizza, it would be best to reheat them in an oven that’s set to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a cooking thermometer for more accurate measurements so you can make sure your pizza is entirely germ-free, hot, and yummy.

While you’ve done everything to store your pizza safely, it’s better to be safe by providing the right reheating settings. Doing so can eliminate any bacteria that grew but can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Store It Properly Only for the Recommended Period

Restaurants who deliver pizzas will usually indicate when their food is best consumed. If they don’t provide the instructions, it’s generally suggested that pizzas be stored in the fridge for up to four days after it has been delivered to your doorstep.

The right way to keep pizza safe in the fridge is by placing them next to each other in covered containers. Avoid stacking pizzas one on top of each other because they can be more susceptible to bacteria that way.


Pizza that is kept in a freezer can usually last for up to two months—but bear in mind that its flavor can go stale over time. Just always remember that pizza is best eaten fresh! So as soon you have them delivered, it’s a good idea to dig in and eat your heart out while the pizza’s still warm and full of flavor. If there are any leftovers, then take note of the tips above so you can enjoy your leftover pizza for another time.

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