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Doreen’s Pizzeria – What Makes Pizza the Best Meal for Get-Togethers

Pizza has been the center of attention at all kinds of fun gatherings. When people arrive at a party, they may automatically look for it at the snacks table. In-office celebrations also call for pizza as a ‘thank you’ from bosses for working hard. And when you have friends over to hang out and watch the game, the first place you’re most likely to call for food is a pizza place.

Ever wonder why people love it so much for their meetings and parties? Here are some reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Pizza Is the Ideal Choice for Get-togethers

1 – Pizza Is a Universal Choice for Sharing

Pizza is a food that is meant to be shared with someone else. More often than not, one person alone can’t finish an entire box of pizza in one sitting. Pizza is often advertised as a communal food that families can enjoy. So they are simply made to do great in get-togethers.

2 – Pizza Can Come in Different Flavors and Sizes

Pizza has a simple base: the crust, the sauce, and the cheese. Toppings can change those flavors in many different ways. For more balanced flavors, people usually get a good mix of meat and vegetables in their pizza. Some prefer the overpowering savory flavor of the meat lovers’ choice. Others like a less hearty pizza, so they opt for vegetarian. If not everyone agrees on what goes best on pizza, pizza places can have different flavors on one pizza.

3 – Pizza Can Feed More People for Just a Few Dollars

Pizza is one of the only dishes you can slice to serve and satisfy everyone. Sure, there’s cake or pie, but not all occasions call for cake. Any event can call for pizza. Depending on the pizza’s size, it is possible to feed a dozen people with one box. You can ask pizza places to cut the pie into slices that can accommodate everyone. But if you’re serving lots of people, you may want to get more boxes or bigger sizes.

4 – Pizza Is Great for All Occasions

Pizza is often a casual choice for get-togethers among family and friends. But, it wouldn’t be a stretch if you find that it’s also served on some formal occasions. Obviously, not the type that comes from a kiosk or ordered thirty minutes before the event started. Some formal events have gourmet pizzas served as appetizers.

5 – Pizza Can Lighten the Mood

From nostalgia to simply satisfying cravings, pizza can put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. It can also spark a friendly debate among your guests. The famous “pineapple on pizza” debate has made splashes on the internet and is still something people take issue with to this day. Ordering a box of pineapple pizza will show you what stance people take and make a great topic of conversation.


Whether it’s a holiday party, an office hangout, or even a kid’s birthday party, pizza has always been a people pleaser. It can satisfy anyone’s hunger, feed multiple people, and save you some catering expenses. With good pizza, gatherings can be a little bit more fun.

Are you having a small get-together soon? Then you might want pizza catering from one of the best pizza places in Chicago. Doreen’s Pizzeria is a Dyer staple where the pizzas are made from 100% fresh ingredients. With a pizza menu to choose from, there’s always a good pizza on the menu for everyone. Call us today!

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