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Doreen’s Pizzeria – What Your Preferred Pizza Order Says About You

Forget Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or even your zodiac. Did you know that your favorite pizza order can tell you a lot about your personality?

Pizza is one of the best crowd-pleasers—you can please any crowd with almost any combination of flavors and toppings. Of course, every person has their own specific favorite pizza order that they place no matter where they go.

Your food preferences can be very personal, and your favorite combination of pizza sauce, topping, and even crust can reveal your secrets. Are you a thin crust, plain cheese person? Or do you prefer all the works in a Chicago stuffed pizza?

Here’s a breakdown of what your favorite pizza order says about you:

Classic Cheese Pizza

What It Says About You: Reliable, Dedicated, Stalwart

Personality Alignment: Neutral

Some people may accuse you of being boring and too traditional, but you don’t even mind it. You love pizza in its most basic form: crackly dough, tomato sauce, and cheese—nothing more, nothing less. A slice of pizza is not the place you want to find adventure.

And no matter what anyone says, you will absolutely stick to your guns, with no apologies whatsoever.

Pepperoni Pizza

What It Says About You: Nostalgic, Uncomplicated, Fun

Personality Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Pepperoni pizza is the perfect crowd-pleaser. It is not quite as plain as a cheese pizza, but with that kick of salt and smoke brought by good pepperoni, it makes things a bit more interesting. Pepperoni pizza is a bit of a throwback, too—who hasn’t gobbled down slices at a children’s birthday party, right?

Pepperoni is simple, straightforward, and no-fuss. Your loved ones are drawn to you because you hate drama and complications. Life is all about fun!

Hawaiian Pizza

What It Says About You: Adventurous, Self-Confident, Unpredictable

Personality Alignment: Chaotic Good

You are a very passionate person who loves excitement and debate. You don’t even mind defending your choice of pineapple from people who vehemently oppose you—that mix of sweet and savory on a pizza is incomparable, after all. You are entirely comfortable with who you are as a person and all the choices that you make. Your unique personality makes you the life of the party and a favorite with family and friends.

Veggie Pizza

What It Says About You: Sensitive, Surprising, Enigmatic

Personality Alignment: Lawful Good

You want salad with your pizza, and you’re not apologizing about it. Veggie pizza gives you the best of both worlds: healthy ingredients on top of a slab of sauce, carbs, and dairy. You don’t even care about the ribbing you get whenever you order a veggie pizza.

Margherita Pizza

What It Says About You: Refined, Perfectionist, Graceful

Personality Alignment: Neutral Good

The Italians definitely knew what they were doing with Margherita pizza. This is the classic choice for someone who loves simplicity and class. You like everything to be a certain way, and you have very refined taste.


Pizza is a classic food choice for any crowd. It just brings people together effortlessly. If you’re eating pizza with someone you just met, you can find out a lot about their personality based on their favorite pizza order. Pay close attention, and you can figure out the best way to relate to them!

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