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Doreen’s Pizzeria – What Makes a Perfect Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza?

If you’re a serial foodie with an affinity for great flavors and simplicity, then the pizza is definitely one of those dishes that is worthy of having a “legendary” status on your list of favorite food. Whether you’re having a bad or good day, celebrating a milestone, or simply giving yourself something to look forward to, a pizza will always be the one thing you can look forward to.

From pepperoni pies to manager’s specials, every piece that you’ll ever lay your eyes on and taste will always present itself as a wonderful dish that is made with love. Beyond all the staple interpretations that you’ve come to know over the years (or decades), the iteration that has definitely piqued your interest the most is the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. But what makes a perfect pie?

The love for Chicago’s finest

The mere mention of the term “Chicago-style” takes anyone to a point where there’s only one thing on their mind: pizza.

For most people, the deep dish pizza is seen as the final form of how it can creatively and delectably push the boundaries of baked dough and hand-selected toppings. When you put this hand-crafted masterpiece besides the regular pie, it won’t take more than a second to realize just how different (and sometimes better) it is because of how stark of a contrast it bears.

With a rich assortment of flavors, textures, and mouth-watering smells, it’s easy to see why the Chicago-style deep dish pizza is such a hit among food lovers. Considering that every high-crust pie—such as Doreen’s Pizzeria’s best hits—is made with the utmost love, passion, and mastery, it’s no surprise that many consider it the “ultimate” dish.

What goes into a perfect Chicago-style deep-dish pizza?

Understanding what makes a deep-dish pie perfect boils down to understanding three key factors that bear the most impact on its overall taste and feel. The next time you want to bring out your inner food critic and determine whether any form of a Chicago-style pizza is perfect in the most objective way possible, it pays to watch out for these factors:

1. Fat

As Samin Nosrat’s “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” reiterates from beginning to end, fat is an integral part of any dish that will make or break its flavor—and such is the case with a deep-dish pizza.

Unsurprisingly, one of the key ingredients you’ll see in a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that contributes to its overall perfection is fat: a key factor seen in every element, spanning from sauce to sausages. However, it’s important to understand that this ingredient isn’t in reference to what it is as a weight multiplier or health harmer. But it should be seen as a component that determines the perfection of a high-crusted pie by acting as a vessel of flavor that enlivens the dish’s richness!

2. Sauce

While most pizza lovers expect that the overall deliciousness of a pie’s contents to come from chunks of meat, mushrooms, or other solid ingredients, the truth is that the sauce sings a louder tune.

Whether it’s from the perspective of a white or red sauce, the fact is that the liquid component of a Chicago-style pie does determine how much it tastes more than anything else. Once you think deeply with every bite that you have of our deep-dish pizzas, you’ll quickly realize this fact as well because of how rich and complex the ingredient in question is!

3. Dough

Another critical component that determines whether or not a deep-dish pizza is perfect can be found in the actual ingredient that forms its namesake shape and structure: the dough.

As the starting point for any deep-dish pizza, this vital component contributes to the experience that anyone has with each bite as it takes up a significant portion of the spatial plane of flavors in a mouth. It may seem like such a minor factor at first, but the crust for this pizza walks a thin margin for error because of how easy it is to taste mistakes, meaning that it always needs to be perfect!


Perfection is a kind of concept that rarely appears throughout our lives and only comes in special forms, one being a Chicago-style Deep Dish pizza that gets its dough, sauce, and fat right. By watching out for the three key elements mentioned above, you’ll be able to best understand and better appreciate any pie you eat and learn to set your expectations properly!

Did our article make you go hungry? No need to worry about fulfilling those revived cravings! Doreen’s Pizza is only a call away for anyone in need of a delicious Veggie Supreme or Chicago stuffed pizza in Burnham, IL. Get in touch with us today to send in your order and request for a delivery!

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