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Doreen’s Pizzeria – How Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Became the City’s Culinary Staple

Chicago is known for many things—the mirrored sculpture called Cloud Gate, the 1920s gangster Al Capone, and loyal sports fans of the Chicago Cubs. Chicago is a fantastic place with its own unique quirks, breathtaking architecture, and rich history. Still, you can’t talk about this city without mentioning its iconic food, the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

The Origins of Pizza

Before pizza became the global phenomenon we know and love today, it used to be a simple and affordable dish for Italy’s workmen. Due to the limited food options for Naples’ poor working class, they had to come up with a meal that’s easy to make and could be eaten on the go.

To satisfy their appetites on a low budget, they garnished flatbreads with cheap toppings like cheese, garlic and anchovies. The flatbread with toppings dish later became a popular favorite in Southern Italy by the 16th century.

The working class was the first to use tomatoes on this flatbread delicacy during the 18th and 19th centuries. This food became so popular that it transcended beyond social classes and became appreciated by the upper-class.

Coming to America

You may wonder, how did this Italian delicacy become an American favorite? Like all good things that contributed to industrialization and the country’s economic success, pizza was introduced to the US through good old immigration!

The millions of Italians who moved to America to start a new life brought their culture, traditions, and delicious recipes along with them, including pizza. Italian immigrants first opened bakeries and groceries to feed their fellowmen, but non-Italians later enjoyed their foods, too. Eventually, pizza evolved from being an immigrant thing to a classic American food.

How the Iconic Deep Dish Came to Be

The city of Chicago was one of the famous places where Italian immigrants lived. As more and more immigrants painted their roots in the city, they established a large community for themselves. In 1943, Ike Seawell and Richard Novaretti founded Ric Riccardo, the first pizzeria in the city. Soon after that, Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza emerged.

No one knows for sure who brought the iconic dish into existence. Some people credit ike Seawell for the invention of the recipe. At the same time, others believe that Ric Riccardo’s manager and operator, Rudy Malnati Sr., was responsible for coming up with the deep dish pizza.

What Makes the Deep Dish So Delicious?

There are thousands of pizza recipes in existence, but they all pretty much have the same fundamentals—the dough, the sauce, and the cheese. This is where the Chicago deep dish pizza sets itself apart from the others.

Unlike other pizzas that are baked on a flat pan or pizza stone, the deep dish pizza is baked in a pan similar to a pie pan. As the name suggests, it has a very deep crust, creating a thick pizza that resembles a pie.

“Inverted ingredients” is one of the most notable features of the famous Chicago pizza. Since it’s so dense, this needs to be cooked for a longer time. To avoid the cheese from burning, the recipe reverted the usual order in which the ingredients go. With Chicago deep dish pizzas, you first cover the dough with cheese, toppings, then finally tomato sauce.


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