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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 4 Perfect Perks of Ordering Pizza for Your Star Employees

Pizza is an excellent addition for any occasion, or even for the absence of it. It’s absolutely reliable and great to share with friends and families who just want to have a great slice of their flavor to accompany a good time.

Alternatively, though, some people can use it as a great tool. For one, company employees may find that pizza is an effective instrument with a whole lot of benefits. It’s easy to become a staple and have people associate that with your food. Aside from highlighting the food that you bring, it can also put the work that you do for others in the spotlight.

Here are some other perks of ordering a few boxes of pizza for your hardworking team:

Pizza Is Everyone’s Favorite

What’s great about pizza is that it is very versatile; mix and match out the pepperonis, cheeses, peppers, onions, olives, and more. There are so many flavors and toppings to choose from that it’s impossible to find a pizza for you. And it’s just going to be challenging to find a co-employee who just doesn’t like pizza or any variation because of adjustability!

You can get really great quality pizzas made and freshly delivered. On top of all that, quantity isn’t really an issue. You could order boxes upon boxes of pizza to get just the right amount of slices that will keep your circle full and happy.

De-stressor for Hangry Coworkers

Have you ever been exhausted at work and, along with your team, felt utterly in need of a weekend? Being hungry and angry all at the same time can impede working and just drag down the whole office into a really bad mood.

To cheer everyone up and remedy it on critical weeks where a presentation is needed or a big deadline is at hand, make Wednesday feel like Friday with a box of pizza. People will really enjoy the comfort of a warm slice, returning to their tasks with renewed enthusiasm.

Ultimate Motivator During Meetings

Being in a meeting that has what only can be described as dry ambiance and zero productivity can be a tough afternoon to deal with. It’s not necessarily that people are frustrated, but there’s just a lack of ideas that makes the meeting feel twice as long.

Instead of dreading it, turn the meetings into something to look forward to and as a moment for workmates to come together and come up with ideas. Bringing in a box of pizza and allotting a bit of time to chit-chat can really help bring a new change to how meetings are.

Rushed Contribution for Sudden Events

It can be a little nerve-wracking when you forgot to check your work calendar and you missed the memo on someone’s retirement party or a company picnic. Everyone was asked to bring some type of meal to share with everyone, and you might be wondering what you could get.

Worry not, because your local shop has a solution! Most pizzerias will be able to help you show up to the event with a few boxes so that you don’t have to walk in empty-handed. Plus, it’ll impress everyone that you were able to do some quick thinking if they ever even figured out you were unprepared.


Employees can find a lot of good in pizza. Aside from bringing a lot of joy to the office, they’d also be supporting locals in the community who are working just as hard as you are to deliver the best. What’s there not to love about ordering a warm, flavorful, and cheesy slice when you and your coworkers need a pick-me-up?

Looking for the best pizza in Indiana to bring to the workplace? Doreen’s Pizzeria in Dyer is a top-notch pizza resto that offers delivery, carry-out, dine-in, and catering options. Order a slice today!

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