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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Gluten-Free Pizza | Why It’s Becoming Popular in the US

Whether you want it for your snack or dinner, pizza is always a favorite! In fact, it’s a staple food in the United States. Americans consume 100 acres of pizza a day; that’s an estimated 350 slices per second!

Pizza has also become popular in different parts of the world. As it becomes famous in other places, more and more flavors and varieties are introduced and discovered, including gluten-free options.

A Quick Glimpse About Pizza

It was the Italian immigrants who first made pizzas in their homes. They sold them in different venues before the first pizzeria was built in 1905 in the busy areas of New York. This was a big hit to the Americans, making way for the invention of the pizza slice.

It’s interesting to know that although pizza originated in Italy, the slice was a breakthrough in the United States. Pizza then became more affordable because workers can have a single serving instead of buying the whole pie.

The Introduction of Gluten-Free Pizza

As people become more health-conscious nowadays, many prefer to choose a gluten-free diet. As a response, pizza restaurants included in their menus gluten-free pizza recipes.

What Is Gluten, by the Way?

Gluten refers to the collection of proteins that are present in grains, including rye, barley, and wheat. Gluten is not used to add any special flavor to foods, but it contains unique qualities that are very helpful in cooking. One particular function that it can do is hold the food together and make the dough rise.

However, people diagnosed with celiac disease (a condition affecting the digestive system) is are not advised to consume foods with gluten. Consuming foods with gluten can make their immune system react negatively to this.

How Is Gluten-Free Pizza Made?

Gluten-free pizza is made without the presence of gluten, of course. Instead, other ingredients can be mixed in the dough, like rice, corn, almonds, and potatoes. They are then topped with different other ingredients to create mouthwatering flavors.

More and More Pizza Restaurants Are Serving Great Flavors

Pizzas can be made at home. That’s one reason why it’s also a familiar favorite because it is easy to prepare, and you can experiment with different toppings. However, eating pizza in a restaurant can be more satisfying. Chefs are more knowledgeable in preparing the best crust, the amount of cheese, and toppings to achieve a delicious pizza for you. There can also be various options from the menu. You can also opt for a gluten-free pizza in case you have celiac disease or if you just don’t want gluten in your system.


Pizza is here to stay as long as we continue to discover new flavors and special offers. It will always be a favorite and can be included at any time of the day, whether you need to grab a quick snack, munch a slice or two for dinner, or even start your day right with a pizza for breakfast. The good thing about pizza is that it’s for everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians and gluten-free folks.

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