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Doreen’s Pizzeria – An In-Depth Analysis of the NYC and Chicago Pizza Debate

Everyone loves pizza, but there are always two sides to a conversation when it comes down to ordering a box. People disagree on toppings, as seen in the pineapple-on-pizza debate. Pineapple struck a nerve with many foodies who love eating pizza. Another debate is what the best way of eating a pizza is, with a few oddballs going for the crust first before rather than the slice itself.

One never-ending discussion about pizza in the US is the one about New York and Chicago. People love to compare and pit the two against one another, with questions about which is superior.

Considering they are different pizza styles, it’s a little bit like comparing an apple with an orange. Both can provide a different experience and satisfy different needs. If you want to indulge in the debate, here are the facts:


Pizza itself originated from Italy as a flatbread dish. However, it took a long while before it got its staple look of a crust, tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings. It was years later before it finally came to New York City in 1905. Pizzerias back then used coal-fired ovens to create the now world-renowned NYC pizza.

Pizza wasn’t just famous in New York, though. It also appeared in the menus of restaurants in other states, including a small city in Illinois. Chicagoans took the components that made up a classic pizza and made it their own, bringing forth a thick and satisfying creation that was a variation of baked pizza.

Pizza Crust

Most people refer to the crust when comparing NYC pizza and Chicago pizza, which is warranted because of how different they are. NYC pizzas sport thin crusts that draw the focus to every other part of the pizza.

Meanwhile, Chicago pizza has a tall and thick crust to house the cheesy layers within. It’s often compared to pies—the most controversial point of this debate.


Toppings can be swapped among pizzas, but two things seldom left out are the sauce and cheese. NYC pizza and Chicago pizza use mozzarella traditionally, though Chicago can deviate from that and incorporate all sorts of cheese.

NYC pizza also just has one layer of sauce and cheese since that’s generally what the thin crust can handle, while Chicago pizza has multiple layers. It can be slightly lighter than the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza but an incredibly different experience from NYC pizza.


Biases aside, NYC pizza and Chicago pizza have a different appeal. A thin crust pizza is much more convenient and viable to order when you’re walking about the streets, trying not to get your hands too dirty. It’s flavorful while being easy to eat.

Thicker Chicago pizzas usually have to be ordered by the dish and necessitate eating at a table. You’ll need to use a couple of utensils and a friend with you to go through and finish everything, which can be quite a good break from life.


There’s no answer to the debate since NY pizza and Chicago pizza are too different. It can be a matter of preference in the composition or just a principle. Either way, though, you can definitely go and enjoy both. It’s all about the preparation. After all, if it tastes good, why complain?

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