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Doreen’s Pizzeria | The Health Science of Eating Pizza – What You Need to Know

Eating pizza can be an enjoyable experience for most people, but you may have your reservations due to the things you hear like: “It’s not good for your health” or “It has no health value whatsoever.”

On the contrary, the joys of pizza can be scientifically proven through its health benefits. Together, we will delve deeper into the health science behind pizza to enhance your enjoyment of each slice the next time you go to a restaurant or call for pizza delivery.

Health Benefits of Pizza

To help you get started, we will provide you with an introduction to pizza and the health benefits you can enjoy. Take note of the following:

  1. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is loaded with antioxidants: Your body needs a healthy amount of antioxidants to fend off different cancers and heart diseases. Fortunately, more antioxidants are found in a typical Chicago-style deep-dish pizza than other pizzas because of the crust size and cooking time. It’s because of the longer baking time and higher oven temperatures that create these immune-boosting antioxidants.
  1. Pizzas are rich with lycopene: You will often have a pizza loaded with rich tomato sauce, meaning you can enjoy the health benefits of a potent antioxidant called lycopene. It will enable your immune system to fight against high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Lycopene can also boost your body’s immunity to certain cancers and heart diseases.
  1. Pizza is rich in calcium: Cheese is another dominant ingredient in pizza, which means you can get your healthy calcium dose. It helps you strengthen your bones and teeth. Calcium can also help regulate your heart health and muscle function.
  1. Pizza can help fight against norovirus: A pesky stomach bug called norovirus may be lurking in your stomach, but you can help kill it when you eat a slice of pizza loaded with oregano oil. It is due to the active byproduct in oregano oil called carvacrol.

Healthy Options For Pizza

Many naysayers out there dismiss eating any pizza because they don’t think it can ever be healthy. But the truth is they just haven’t had the chance to enjoy healthier options. We at Doreen’s Pizza understand their dilemmas, and that’s why we offer healthy pizza options. Check out our healthy pizza menu options to ensure that you can stick to your healthy diet while you enjoy a slice or two.

The Science Behind the Feel-Good Reaction of Eating Pizza

Enjoying a slice of your favorite pizza makes you happy, and there is a scientifically good reason why. It all boils down to your brain’s natural chemistry in its search for mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins.

A scientific study found that eating pizza can release many endorphins and even more so when paired with a drink. This wholesome meal influences your brain to trigger feelings associated with pleasure and satisfaction. It can help you feel better and empowered to accomplish and fulfill other tasks.

It’s now fair to say that there is now a scientific explanation behind the urge to throw a pizza party after a long day at work or school!


You now have a better understanding of pizza and all its health benefits, so you have good reasons to dig in. You just need to find the best pizza near you to ensure you savor each slice. Find the best pizza and tell your friends and family about all the previously mentioned health science facts.

Doreen’s Pizzeria is one of Dyer’s best restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious pizza options. We are also known for our Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and healthy options for you and your family to enjoy. Call us today for your next pizza party!

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