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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 6 of the Best Drink Pairings for Pizza

Pizza night is excellent, no matter how old you are. Kids love pizza, adults on lazy movie nights love pizza, and it’s practically the most accessible food to choose nowadays. You don’t really have to think about what you want, as the possibilities with the beloved pie are endless.

Whatever the reasons are for choosing pizza, you don’t have a box delivered to go with a glass of water. The thing that separates the experience of enjoying pizza for different ages is the drinks that are enjoyed with a slice. Toppings are a whole other experience altogether, but choosing the beverage to go with your pie will shift the balance of things.

While water is good and healthy, it’s OK not to hold back sometimes. Here are the best drinks that pair well with pizza:


An authentic Italian pairing of your favorite pizza and a nice bottle of wine can make a difference. Whether the pizza is from a brick oven or just your local pizza parlor’s pie, wine is an excellent addition to the meal. Additionally, it pays to know what kind of wine to pair with the toppings on your order. Pairing plain cheese pizzas or white pizzas with sweet white wine is a fine choice, thanks to matching the sauce’s acidity and the cheese’s richness. Meat lovers will love a fruity red wine that accents the savory flavors of a meaty pizza.


This option is likely the safest for any adult over the age of 21. Whether it is for a casual game night, watching sporting events, or just watching a movie with a significant other, pizza and beer are a match made in heaven. Your favorite beer is the best one to drink with pizza, but for a change, ordering a home-brewed or craft beer batch can bring a new experience to the table.


This child-friendly option is a great way to allow some sugar into a pizza night. If your kids love soda, or if you don’t drink, having a nice cola or fruity carbonated beverage can make a pizza night fun for the family. Sugar might be the enemy to some, but allowing it for these moments makes it rewarding. In terms of popularity, root beer is a good match for most pizzas due to its classic vibe and sweet taste.


Those who love a sour drink and want some sugar without the carbonated fizziness can enjoy a glass of lemonade with their pizza. Be careful not to make it too sour, as this might take away the slice’s taste and enjoyment. A great lemonade experience is with a tall glass with plenty of ice to chase down a piping hot slice.

Sparkling Water

A fancier alternative to soda and for those who do not like sugary drinks is sparkling water. With this carbonated drink’s bubbly nature, you get the soda kick without all the excess flavoring and sugar. This beverage is a great way to stay healthy, and you can add a twist by squeezing lemons or limes into the glass for a unique, refreshing kick.

Iced Tea

A cold glass of iced tea is best on hot summer days when enjoying pizza in a park or in your garden. While you quench your thirst, you also get to enjoy chasing down pizza with some sweetness, which is an excellent complementary flavor to a piping hot slice.


Whether you have the best pizza in Indiana or a New York famous slice, these drinks ring true for any avid enthusiast. Choosing the right beverage will elevate the pizza experience for anyone, and the combinations are practically endless.

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