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Doreen’s Pizzeria | Fun Facts About Pizza – Why It Is Round and in a Square Box

Ask random people to describe how a pizza looks, and the majority of them will answer the same. It is round and topped with standard toppings like meat and cheese. However, did you know that pizzas actually come in different shapes and sizes? Restaurants worldwide cook their pizzas differently—but the round pizza is the most common shape you will see.

If you wonder why more people decide to use this shape the most for this fantastic food item, then here is a little backstory to the shapes included in everyone’s favorite dish:

Why the Pizza Is Round

The pizza is round mainly because of the way it is prepared! Every pizza lover knows that pizza is made from dough, and all dough needs to rise before you get to bake it.

The process of rising improves the flavor and the texture of the bread; during this part, it is shaped into a ball and then set aside. A round ball is the simplest shape to form, making it easier for the pizza maker to stretch the dough later.

From a ball form, the pizza maker will simply stretch the dough from the center outwards, making it a flat round shape. They will then spin the dough in the air, making sure that the crust will be perfectly uniform. The mix of flour and the air makes some parts of the crust crispy while other parts are tender.

The pizza dough needs to have an even base, and a round shape makes it possible. This shape ensures that the dough will be cooked consistently, evenly, and quickly. Aside from the preparation, a round-shaped pizza is easier to cut into equal slices. Keep on cutting it in half, and everyone will enjoy their portions! Each can enjoy a bite of the crust and the delicious center.

Why the Pizza Box Is Square

If you wonder why its box is shaped differently, the answer is yet again simple. Square is the cheapest packaging shape that will allow the safe transport of your favorite pizza from its maker to you!

Let us break down the reasons:

  • You can make a square box using only one piece of cardboard. If you create a round box, you will need at least two cardboard pieces to complete the whole packaging. Therefore, creating a square box is faster and cheaper to do.

  • Since only one piece of cardboard was used for the square box, it can easily be flattened, which means less storage space requirement. A round box will also take up the same space as the square box, so it does not save up space and does not make any difference.

  • When you stack the square boxes together, they are more stable than a stack of round boxes. It makes shipping easier to do!

  • The square box’s edges also act as a stopper to prevent the box from falling off from the freezer or storage.


Pizza may have some confusing facts, but everyone will agree that it is one of the greatest food inventions of all time! No matter what shape, size, or toppings you put, a pizza can satisfy any craving. Whether placed in a square box or a round box, it will not change the fact that pizza is simply the best comfort food to grace the dining room!

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