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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 7 Amazing Pizza Facts All Pizza Lovers Must Know

Everyone loves pizza! This amazingly versatile dish comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors! Whether it is a pizza topped with all the meats in the world or a pizza with nothing more than tomato sauce and cheese, there is always a pizza for everyone.

However, how knowledgeable are you about pizza? Did you know that the word pizza is at least a thousand years old? If that fact interests you and you want to learn more about this fantastic dish, then you are in the right place. We want to share amazing facts about pizza with you for no other reason than simply because we love pizza so much.

1. Pizza is 3D-printable

Did you know you can print pizza? Well, maybe not the average consumer, but the people at NASA can! They currently have a 3D printer specifically made for pizzas, which allows astronauts in space to enjoy their favorite slices. It uses the basic ingredients of regular pizza, allowing space travelers to enjoy the tasty dish even when they are not on Earth.

2. Saturday is the best day to enjoy pizza

According to most people, of all the days of the week to enjoy pizza, Saturday seems to be the best. Your guess as to why is just as good as ours, but we believe that this is the case because Saturday is just the best day to be lazy at home and enjoy pizza with friends and family.

3. Naples was the home to the first pizzeria

The first pizzeria to have ever existed is in Naples. It is believed to have started in 1738, churning out pizza for the masses hundreds of years ago. The more amazing fact is that it is still open today, pumping out pizza to satisfy the population.

4. Pizza Marinara is the oldest type of pizza

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of types of pizza that exist around the world. However, the oldest pizza to have ever existed is pizza Marinara. Simple and tasty, its ingredients have never changed. The reason it was named Marinara was that fishermen loved the pizza.

5. America’s first pizzeria is still open for service

America’s first pizzeria is still open today. Known as Lombardi’s, the pizzeria was opened by an Italian immigrant, Gennaro Lombardi. It was a hit then, and it still is a hit today.

6. The pizza has been delivered everywhere, even space

Besides having 3D-printed pizza, did you know that astronauts also had access to pizza delivery in space? It was a one-time job from Pizza Hut in 2001, where the popular pizza chain sent a 6-inch salami pizza to the ISS.

7. Pizza has the same meaning no matter where you are on Earth

No matter where you are on Earth, pizza is pizza. There will be varieties, but the meaning is always the same!


Pizza is just as rich in its flavors as it is in its history. It has come a long way and is available in various forms—some of which may surprise you. That said, even if you did not initially know any of the facts we have shared here, do not worry. What’s important is that you enjoy this amazing dish, and now that you know some amazing facts about it, your next bite might be a bit tastier!

Doreen’s Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant that offers delivery, carry-out, dine-in, and catering options in Dyer. We have amazing pizza dishes that will satisfy anyone. If you are hungry for the best pizza in Indiana, order from us today!

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