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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pizza Over Boys

Emotional security and quality time—these are things that you can achieve on your own with a healthy sense of self-esteem, self-care, and a positive mindset. However, there’s nothing like a piping hot pizza to satisfy any occasion and any crowd. Don’t get us wrong—relationships are a lot of fun. But if we had to choose, having a whole pizza to ourselves is a lot better!

There are plenty of ways to eat your pizza. After all, it can do no wrong, and it exists to fulfill all your cravings! It’s the best comfort food in the world—so effective in its job that it’s even better than having a boyfriend!

If you’re not convinced, then here are eight reasons why you should always choose pizza over boys:

It’s guaranteed to be delicious

Can your boyfriend beat the alluring combination of fluffy dough, rich sauce, thick cheese, and the magic of several well-placed toppings? PIzza, by far, is the biggest culinary delight that your taste buds can ever experience. Nothing can beat its record!

It’s always exciting

Pizza is a diverse dish that can be dressed up in many ways to fit multiple occasions. You can go for stuffed crusts, thin crusts, a Chicago stuffed pizza, and more! If you’re feeling adventurous, try buying calzones or foreign variations on pizza. You are always going to be entertained by this meal—that’s for sure.

It’s super filling

Ever had to go through the curse of being “hangry?” The combination of hunger and anger is always hard to manage, and it can be rough on anyone. Luckily, pizza is always available to fill the void. It can warm your stomach and chase away the hunger in a way that your boyfriend could never!

It’s guaranteed happiness

Don’t listen to what people say about having a family pizza all to yourself—at least family pizzas guarantee that you will be satisfied every single time. Sadly, this isn’t a promise that anybody can beat—even a boyfriend.

It doesn’t judge

Pizza encourages you to just make the most out of your purchase and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process. It can be a witness to your best days and your worst days, and it will still remain loyal all throughout. This isn’t something that we can assure 100 percent from a boyfriend!

It complements everything

Regardless of the ingredient, there’s a way to make it work on a pizza. This magical dish can dress up broccoli, sardines, spinach, and other “unsavory” food products. We stan this superior versatility—it’s just the best you can ever have for any food partner!

It’s home to heavenly combinations

Spicy pepperoni? Barbecue chicken? A four-cheese blend with tomatoes? Pizza brings the best of food to the forefront of your palate, serving the highlights of all these food combinations on a delicious base of sauce and dough. Regardless of the toppings, pizza knows how to deliver.

It’s a great hangover cure

All your boyfriend can do after a wild night out is give you cuddles in bed. A pizza can help you deal with a wild hangover by satisfying your cravings for something rich, oily, and filling after a night of drinking.


With these points laid out, it’s easy to see how pizza beats having a boyfriend by a clear margin. This comfort food is superior in every aspect; it has been a steadfast companion for millions of people around the world because of its consistency, accessibility, and versatility!

Are you looking to get some of the best pizza in Indiana to fulfill your cravings? Doreen’s Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant that offers delivery, dine-in, and catering services. We are based in Chicago and Dyer, Indiana. Order from our website now and experience the superior taste of our pizza for yourself!

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