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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 4 Tips for Family Pizza Parties During the Holidays

The festive season is almost here, meaning you can expect your family to be gearing up for special moments together. One of the most common options for many households is to opt for a pizza party, as planning one is quick and convenient, and pizza is always delicious! But how can you make this simple meal more festive?

This article will discuss the four quintessential tips you need for any pizza party during the holiday season. Take this as an opportunity to appreciate the simple, festive joys in life: great food and intimate family bonding!

  1. Ask your family for any special requests

Everyone in the family has particular tastes, especially when it comes to pizza. For instance, you may like Chicago-stuffed pizza, but your children may think that’s gross! These little disagreements can ruin a festive meal. That’s why you need to ask everyone in your family about what kind of pizza flavors they want!

As such, ask everyone before you call up pizza delivery and list everyone’s requests. There may be some issues with the different kinds of toppings and cuts your pizza will have, but don’t worry! All you have to do is decide as a family. Remind everyone that the holidays are meant for you to bond and set aside differences. That way, you can get pizza delivered that everyone will be happy to receive, much like a holiday gift!

  1. Don’t forget the drinks

Your choice of drinks for any pizza party is often not regarded as an essential part of the meal. However, you have to know that choosing the right drinks is a practical decision, especially when eating pizza. You don’t want anyone to choke on their pizza (as many have a habit of doing so because they get too excited with their first bite). Having drinks is there for their convenience!

Drinks, like sodas and juices, are also ideal for the festive season because they get people excited about being together! You can take family selfies, watch holiday-themed movies, and enjoy other festivities! As such, make sure you include your family’s choice of beverage when you order pizza!

  1. Bring out the games

You need to burn all that energy from the pizza and drinks by playing games! It’s the perfect way to bond and get to know your family better. There are also different games to try, like charades, and “Would you rather?” You may also want to check out what your kids are playing on their video game consoles for some healthy competition.

There are no wrong answers for ideal games with the family! Just get everyone involved and actively participating!

  1. Save the leftovers!

The best thing about throwing family pizza parties during the holidays is the leftovers, like pizza crusts and leftover chicken wings. These tiny nibbles make great, quick breakfasts during the holidays! All you have to do is microwave them or sear them lightly on a skillet! You may also have leftover food from other holiday feasts—the best way to combine and try intriguing food combinations as a family!


Your pizza parties with the family during the holidays can be memorable. You just need to ensure you order the best pizza and have everything prepared. That way, everyone can get a slice of the festive cheer! Consider all the previously mentioned tips and throw your holiday-special pizza party today!

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