Doreen’s Pizza – The Secret to Making Pineapple on Pizza Work – Our Guide

Pineapple on pizza is arguably the most iconic debate for pizza fans. Nobody knows the
correct answer, and it’s started some pretty hilarious fights between even the best of friends or happily married couples. Despite the ongoing pizza debacle, you can’t change the fact that some people like it while others don’t. So, is it just a case of personal preference?

The Debate that Shook the Internet
Regardless of your stand, there are various meme pages online that have posts or public
threads dedicated to this heated exchange. A lot of obsessed pineapple haters really make an
effort to create lengthy arguments to explain why the tropical fruit doesn’t belong on top of a bed
of tomato sauce and cheese.

On social media alone, pineapple pizza posts come out daily. From time to time, the topic trends worldwide, causing a massive global discussion. It’s funny how one side profoundly denounces
pineapple as a topping on the Italian dish while the other side tries its best to troll pineapple on
pizza haters with entertaining memes.
If you’re part of the small population of people in the world who just hates pineapple as a fruit in
general, then sorry: this article isn’t for you.
The Hawaiian Pizza Lovers Take
It’s not just ordinary folks who love pineapple on pizza. Some celebrities like Allison Shoemaker from The Takeout openly applauded the Australians for their ingenuity. In case you didn’t know,
it was the Aussies who invented the tropical-Italian pizza hybrid. So if you hate the existence of this combo—blame the Australians.
Hawaiian pizza lovers seem to crave the perfect balance between the salty cheese and the sweet acidity from the pineapple. Most Hawaiian pizza lovers have taken their love to social media for all the world to see, angering the opposing parties. Even if some random pineapple
pizza hater on the internet would argue otherwise, nothing can dispel the passion for pineapple
that Hawaiian pizza lovers possess.

The Secret Ingredient
When avid Hawaiian pizza haters say they hate pizza, they can only think of the classic ham and pineapple pairing on top of a traditional pizza. But, there’s a secret trick that can convert haters into believers—spicy jalapenos!
Hawaiian pizzas have stepped into another level of gourmet experience when paired with the hotness of chilies. Jalapenos especially complement the fat from the cheese and the sweet acidity of the pineapples. The birth of this new modern pizza trend has proved an age-old
maxim from Texas: all gastronomic experiences get better by unloading some jalapeños on
it—except for desserts, of course.

Pineapple and jalapeños work well together because they hit your tongue with a punch of acidity and a mix of sweet and spicy. The acidity helps cover up for the shortcomings of a half-
tasty sauce or a bland pizza base.

While you can use chilies that aren’t jalapenos, the While you can use chilies that aren’t jalapenos, the processed peppers have less heat, which might make it a better option for children or adults who can’t handle the spiciness.
When you order pizza, try a pineapple and jalapeño combination. You can even invite non-
believers, and you might end the day with an additional pro-Hawaiian pizza friend.

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