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5 Tips for Hosting an EPIC Pizza Party for Kids | Our Guide

Organizing a celebration for your kid is an exciting process. However, with various options to choose from, planning your child’s dream party can get quite challenging. If you’re trying to find the perfect party idea, then you’ve come to the right place!
Whether you are celebrating your kid’s birthday or putting up a simple get-together, you can never go wrong with a pizza party.
Here are some ideas to put a twist into an ordinary pizza party and make any celebration extra exciting and memorable!
1. Put Up a DIY Photo Booth
Fun activities for your pizza party don’t necessarily have to be costly. For instance, setting up a photo booth is easy. All you need to do is to assign a spot with proper lighting, add a backdrop, and place a container filled with props and costumes which can be readily available at home, such as wigs, masks, scarves, mustaches, and sunglasses.
Let the kids get creative! Invite them to dress up, strike funny poses, and get their photos taken. These pictures can serve as souvenirs that they can bring home!
2. Throw a Movie Party
Watching movies is an enjoyable way to relieve stress and bond with friends and family. This is why celebrating special occasions by organizing a movie party is a great idea!
If your child loves movies, we suggest booking a package that includes having access to a private room at the movie theatre and reserved tickets to a movie that your kid wants to see. While watching, you and your guests can enjoy munching on some popcorn, pizza, and other delightful snacks.
3. Bring the Fun Outdoors
Kids love games! If you’re planning to throw a summer party, there’s no better way to let little ones enjoy the sunny weather by letting them have some competitive fun. Put together some backyard games, such as badminton, cornhole, and more. After all the fun, reward all players with some mouthwatering pizza and refreshing punch.
4. Hold a Pool Party
Aside from a backyard pizza party, one way of cooling off during the summer months and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air is by throwing a spectacular pool party.
Take your summer party onto the next level and make a big splash by holding a pool party filled with exciting games and yummy treats, such as pizza, popsicles, and fresh lemonade that kids will surely love! All kids love to play games, so water games are perfect for them. No pool party is complete without picturesque pool floats. Want some inspiration? Take Small custom inflatable in the shape of cartoon characters, ice cream, pizza, flamingo, or unicorn floats that are perfect for toddlers, and teens. Kids will love relaxing on them. Overall water balloons and floats are fun for all ages.

Also, take into consideration that when children are at the pool party, provide them with some arm floaties, life jackets, or pool noodles so everyone can have a good time.

5. Unleash Creativity with Painting
Make special memories with kids closest to your heart by stirring up their creative juices with a paint party. Through this kind of unique get-together, little ones get to express themselves through art, learn how to find joy in painting, and explore different art styles together. The best part is that every kid gets to take home their masterpiece! If you’re looking for a pizza restaurant in Dyer, Indiana and Chicago that specializes in freshly made Chicago-style pizza, then you can rely on us. Get in touch with Doreen’s Pizzeria today to place your order!

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