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Doreen’s Pizza – What Makes A Chicago-Style Pizza So Unique – What to Know

With a history that spans a few centuries and a cultural force that has rightfully remained
relevant to this day, it goes without saying that pizza has come a long way from its humble
Italian roots.

Pizza is widely regarded as the star of Italian cuisine and the seemingly-simple dish has been
evolved, remixed, and repackaged in a thousand different ways thanks to the creativity of chefs
around the world. From Canada’s “blasphemous” sushi pizza to Turkey’s mouth-watering
Lahmajoun, each country has its own take on pizza that is entirely unique to its origin—yet at
the same time, reminiscent of the dish’s Italian roots.
While every country or city has its own take on the classic pizza dish, there’s one pizza style
that has embedded itself into the hearts of millions around the world: the classic Chicago-style
deep dish pizza.

What Makes Chicago-Style Pizza Stand Out?
A pizza that’s found in a country that has hundreds of other versions of the same dish, Chicago-
style pizza (along with New York-style pizza) has set itself as a sort of cultural anomaly that has
allowed it to become a worldwide phenomenon.
Regardless of whether some may see the Chicago-style pizza’s success as a stroke of luck or a
rightful ascendance above other pizza renditions, there’s no denying the fact that this pizza style is unique. This gargantuan rehash of the Italian diet staple stands out, not only because of it’s size and depth, but because of its ingredients.

Dissecting the Deep Dish Pizza
To better understand why the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza stands out from other American
remixes of the Italian dish, it helps to know each component of the dish in greater detail. For a
better overview of what makes deep-dish pizza so unique, let’s use a standard pie from
Doreen’s Pizza (which can be found in Chicago and Dyer) as an example:

The crust itself
Out of all the different factors of a deep-dish pizza that make it unique, the crust of the pie itself
is the most unique.
Stern in appearance but absolutely delectable from the first bite to the last, the crust of a
Chicago-style pizza is what gives it the “deep-dish” look that it’s so well-known for. As opposed to the traditional “flatbread” construction that its ancestors have, Chicago-style pizza has a more daring approach to its crust, with a buttery and rich dough worked up the sides of a pan.
Aside from the fact that it’s unique to the eye and delicious to the tongue, a deep-dish pizza

crust also fulfills a greater purpose of setting the foundation for the rest of the dish’s ingredients
and assembly.
The assembly
Instead of going for a typical “crust-sauce-cheese-toppings” assembly that is found on nearly
every other pizza, Chicago-style pizzas follow a different pattern that calls for a heartier amount
of ingredients. Through the use of a crust-cheese-toppings-tomato sauce sequence (which is
used for every pie at Doreen’s Pizza), deep-dish pizzas achieve a finish that’s perfect to the eye
and taste as it avoids rubbery cheese or burnt toppings.
The Toppings
Another all-important component that can be found in Chicago-style pizzas such as Doreen’s
own pies is the toppings that go right on the top of the dish. Thanks to the sturdy construction of
a deep-dish pizza’s crust, the Chicago-style pie can hold a larger quantity of toppings that make
for a delicious pile that’s bound to let any foodie’s taste buds go silly with flavors.

A Chicago-style deep-dish pizza achieves its trademark look and sets itself apart from any other
thanks to its unique crust, assembly, and toppings— all of which help bring its larger-than-life
reputation to reality!
Did our article make you go hungry? No need to worry about fulfilling those revived cravings!
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