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4 Reasons Why Eating Pizza Makes You Feel Happy

Ever wondered why pizza makes you feel so happy after biting into it? We all know that whenever there’s a large party with a huge pizza, the pizza is usually a huge source of happiness. Forget the disappointment of friends not showing up or the underwhelming gifts you receive, at the very least, you can get real joy from a good slice of pizza!

Jokes aside, here are some very real reasons why eating pizza makes you feel so great:

1. It tastes and smells amazing

Pretty much any food out there—especially pizza—will make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds if they taste great. Plus, the smell of pizza can also trigger your brain to start filling you with serotonin, otherwise known as “happy hormones.” That is probably due to the fact that the scent of pizza tells your brain that your body is about to be fed with delicious food.

2. Your cravings are satisfied

Did you know that you are built to love calorie-heavy food items? We are hard-wired like that because we, as humans, use this craving as motivation to look for food. So, the next time you crave salty or fatty food items, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s our instinct as humans to crave food with a lot of calories in them. Feeling a craving coming up right now? Then hit up a nearby pizza place and have a delicious, calorie-laden pizza delivered to satisfy your every need.

3. Serotonin is produced from carbs

You’ll be shocked to know that the carb-fest that is pizza actually fills you with serotonin. This is partially because when you’re craving pizza and that craving is satisfied, your brain produces serotonin. This is also because carbs are used heavily to make serotonin. In other words, when you eat pizza, you’re fueling your brain with what it needs to produce the feel-good hormones that we all crave.

Even the toppings on the pizza have a massive role to play in this. For example, foods that contain tryptophan help increase your serotonin-production efficiency. Because of this, you would want to top your pizza with food rich in tryptophan, such as eggs, chicken, and spinach!

4. It can be shared between friends and family

Other than the fact that pizza is pretty much universally beloved, the fact that you get to share this happiness with friends and family makes the entire experience even better. Just like if you were to go to the amusement park or visit the beach, eating pizza and sharing in the happiness makes it way more enjoyable.


Pizza is the ultimate happy meal. There’s no way anyone can eat pizza and feel sad about it. So, if you are craving some delicious food, grab yourself a pizza. Not only will your tummy thank you for filling it up with all sorts of tasty food, but your brain will reward you with plenty of feel-good hormones that will hook you into eating more.

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