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3 Tips to Planning the Perfect Pizza Party Everyone Can Enjoy – Our Guide

Pizza parties are a universally traditional way to celebrate occasions. The best part is that it’s something that never goes out of taste no matter the age – is it for your kid’s birthday party, college graduation, or even office? get-togethers. It’s a crowd-pleaser that doesn’t fail to cater to different tastes, making it an excellent main dish that is easy to serve and clean up.

If you want to take the pizza party to the next level, the tips below should help spice up your dish and ensure everyone has their version of the perfect bite of pizza.

Tip #1: Jazz Up the Table Set-Up

Pizzas are already mouth-watering as it is, but you can enhance the visual appeal by taking it out of its box and serving the pies on wood boards or slates. Set it up against a gingham tablecloth with cloth napkins for an upscale feel, or take it out your outdoor patio to add a cozy, rustic charm to your pizza party.

Tip #2: Choose Classic Toppings When Ordering For a Group

While you can’t go wrong with pizza, choosing the right topping is crucial if you want to ensure that there’s a slice for everyone to enjoy. There are two ways to go about it – one is to use a voting system, wherein you can ask groups of guests to choose certain toppings on your list. However, this can be a lengthy and messy process, so it’s better to stick to classic toppings like four-cheese or pepperoni.

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to add a special order to cater to guests with dietary restrictions. All-veggie toppings would be ideal for vegetarian friends, for instance. It’s also best to avoid controversial toppings like anchovies, pineapples, or olives as they can spark some debate, which may leave a bad taste in other people’s mouths.

Tip #3: Always Place Your Orders in Advance

It’s always a wise idea to beat the clock when ordering large quantities of pizza for a party. You don’t want to get the boxes early and leave it to go stale as you wait for guests, but you also don’t want to wait until your guests go hungry.

Ordering in advance allows you some room to set up the best time to receive and serve freshly-baked pizzas, allowing guests to dig in while the cheese is still gooey and hot. With that in mind, placing your orders ahead of time and agreeing on a schedule allows you to host a pizza party as smoothly as possible.

The Bottom Line: Hosting a Pizza Party Where Every Guest Has a Chance to Taste Their Perfect Slice

Pizza parties are all about satisfying guests, but it can be tricky to cater to different taste buds. Fortunately, ordering with the group in mind allows you to host a pizza party where every guest has a bite at their version of the perfect slice.

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