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Doreen’s Pizzeria | Why Does Pizza Bring So Much Bliss – What to Know

If there’s any unique and universally-enjoyed dish that is the symbol of happiness, it would definitely be pizza. Admit it: the mere mention of the name alone already probably had you craving for a slice!

Whether you love to gorge on fatty and greasy dishes, a picky eater, or are allergic to gluten, pizza will always sound like a great idea when choosing something to eat. Over the years, pizza has grown to become the most enjoyed food worldwide because of how flexible it is and the limitless number of ways it can be interpreted and tweaked.

From classic Chicago-style deep-dish pies to low-carb faux pizza, the Neapolitan dish is a universal solution to the ever-present question of “what should I treat myself with today?” With all this talk about how enjoyable pizza is and why it’s the most beloved food, there’s just one question that remains unanswered: Why is eating pizza so closely linked to blissfulness?

A few reasons to explain

Although the same thing can be said about any other kind of food, the experience of a “mind-numbing high” isn’t mentioned as frequently as it is with a good, old-fashioned pie. As the culinary world grows richer and far more diverse in the way it puts out flavors, the level of love for a baked and flattened ball of dough with toppings still remains the same.

If you’re thinking about why eating pizza makes you feel so giddy with every bite (and why you should order a box or two from Doreen’s Pizza), let’s look at three reasons pizza brings so much bliss:

Reason #1: Carbohydrates are great endorphin boosters

The type of mind-numbing feeling and accompanying feeling you get when you eat pizza isn’t just pure preference. When you eat something as carb-rich or dense as pizza, your brain gets a large boost of serotonin that doesn’t easily fade away, which is a key reason many love eating it as much as they do. Once you get the hormone-producing machine moving with every bite, your mind will be swarmed with lots of feel-good experiences that will improve your mood and increase your energy!

Reason #2: It is a communal dish that great memories can be made with

Whether it’s an office party, a birthday party, an album launch, or a movie night, pizza always brings a great mood to the table because it’s something that everyone can share, making for some amazing memories.

Every box of pizza leads to many deeper bonds because it’s a sharing type of experience where relationships are strengthened with great times and food. If you’re thinking about making your next socially-distanced gathering a great one that you’ll remember with your friends or family, make sure to bring a few boxes of Doreen’s Pizzeria’s pies with you to make the experience even sweeter!

Reason #3: Eating a pizza activates the reward system

After a rigorous diet, or long work week, or any lengthy experience, you’re bound to end up craving for something that will lift up your spirits and get you back into good spirits—this is where pizza comes in. Once you have your box of pizza after lots of hard work, you’ll be able to fully satisfy your reward system and make every bite feel sweeter and far more satisfying thereafter!


When you get to eat a box of pizza, the happiness or pure bliss that you feel with every bite isn’t something that goes unexplained because there are different reasons that can explain it all. Before you order your next box and start enjoying the great flavors of the pie in it, keep what we’ve discussed in mind so that you have a far more enjoyable experience!

Did our article make you go hungry? No need to worry about fulfilling those revived cravings! Doreen’s Pizza is only a call away for anyone in need of a delicious deep-dish or Chicago stuffed pizza in Burnham, IL. Get in touch with us today to send in your order and request for a delivery!

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