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Doreen’s Pizzeria | Dining Etiquette – 6 Things to Avoid When Gobbling up Pizza

Pizza is a favorite delicacy of many people worldwide. Imagine getting a slice, sprinkling it with hot sauce, and shoving it entirely in your mouth. You’ll definitely savor the perfect combination of the crust topped with meat, veggies, and not to mention cheese, and this mouthwatering dish will leave you asking for more!

But before you give way to your covetousness, there are a few things you must observe when eating a slice of pizza. You don’t want to look like an impolite person devouring it the wrong way or not making the most out of it.

When it comes to dining etiquette, here are six things you must avoid when gobbling up pizza:

1. Cutting the slice with a fork and knife

Sure, almost everyone cuts the slice with a fork and knife. However, it’s considered a cardinal sin when eating pizza! Think about why it’s a slice in the first place. This means that the whole thing has been cut into pieces, and each is ready to be consumed. It doesn’t make sense to slice an already sliced pizza, right?

2. Laughing off at people folding their slices

Showing off a sarcastic grin at people folding their slice of pizza makes you look like a fool. For all you know, doing this is actually the standard way of eating pizza as a New Yorker. You don’t cut your slice of pizza with a knife and shove it in your mouth with a fork. For practical reasons, know that this is the right way of eating pizza!

3. Overloading on pepper, cheese, or sauce

You don’t want to overstuff your slice of pizza with pepper, Parmesan cheese, and hot sauce. If you try to do it for once, you’ll end up coughing or even choking out of its hot and spicy flavor. Even if you can bear the overabundance of flavor, they will mask the real taste of your pizza, compromising your pizza experience.

4. Turning your pizza upside down

This is self-explanatory––flipping your pizza will leave the toppings and sauce stains on your lap. You don’t want to earn some awkward stares and scornful looks from the people around you, do you?

5. Not eating or only eating the crust

This one’s a bit tricky. Some people don’t eat the crust at all, while a few others only eat the crust itself. This leaves many pizza lovers baffled, thinking that what makes a pizza is the crust with the toppings. In the end, keep in mind that the whole thing must be gobbled up with no leftovers on your table!

6. Not giving the delivery person a tip

Although there’s no rule of thumb saying that you must tip your delivery guy, it won’t hurt to hand them up a tip or two for the time and effort in ensuring that the pizza gets delivered right at your doorsteps. As much as you’ll end up happy and satisfied, you want your delivery boy to go home a happy camper as well!


At this point, you now know what to avoid when gobbling up your slice of pizza—cutting the slice with a fork and knife, laughing off at people folding their pieces, overloading the pepper, garlic, or cheese, turning your pizza upside down, not eating or only eating the crust, not giving the delivery person a tip. Ultimately, you must be wary of this the next time you drop by your go-to restaurant and devour a slice of pizza to your heart’s content!

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