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Doreen’s Pizzeria – What to Know about the Popular Pizza Styles from Chicago

When someone says “Chicago-style pizza,” you know they’re likely talking about deep-dish pizza that has become the distinct version associated with the city and considered the best slice in Indiana. In fact, it has been one of the most popular versions of pizza since it was first created in 1943!

But what really is deep-dish pizza, and how is it different from other types, such as pan and stuffed pizza? In this article, Doreen’s Pizzeria will tell you all about it:

What Is a Deep-Dish Pizza?

Deep-dish pizza, as the name suggests, is prepared in a deep pan and has a two- or three-inch-tall crust all around, and is layered with cheese, toppings like veggies and meats, and sauce in that order. It is also one of the thickest and bulkiest pizzas that actually resembles a pie more than a traditional flatbread pizza. Despite its overall thickness, the crust itself is actually normal in thickness.

Some of the most popular toppings for the deep-dish pizza include Italian sausage, bell pepper, fresh garlic, mushroom, onion, and pepperoni, although there are no restrictions to what you want to add. The crust is flavorful because it absorbs the fats and oils from its toppings while baking. Additionally, it is crispy and thick enough to support the huge amount of ingredients put on top of it.

Cheese, often mozzarella, is found underneath the toppings and the thick tomato sauce. That means the slices of cheese melt without burning and allows for that satisfying pull.

What Is a Pan-Style Pizza?

A pan-style pizza is not rooted from Chicago like the deep-dish pizza, but it’s not in any way less delish. It is more traditional as the cheese sits on top like most pizzas, and it is similar to that of the Sicilian or the Detroit-style pizza with a bready and soft crust. The sauce is smoother and is not always pure tomato.

Like the deep-dish, it’s cooked in a pan, but because the cheese is on top, it’s not cooked as long because the cheese might burn.

What Is a Stuffed Pizza?

Most pizza restaurants in Dyer offer stuffed pizza, which is a variation of the deep-dish pizza. Many tourists mistake this for the Chicago deep-dish, but there are actually some differences between the two.

A stuffed pizza is narrower but taller than a deep-dish, mainly because of its two layers of crust. Yes, there’s a crust on the bottom and another one on top, giving it the look of a pie with pizza toppings as stuffing. It’s also noticeably excessive, especially with the amount of cheese that goes in it.

In a way, the stuffed pizza is closer to the traditional Scarciedda, a pie from Italy, which may be the inspiration for the deep-dish pizza.

The ingredients, stuffed pizza, are filled with Italian sausage, different kinds of cheese, the usual pizza veggies, and sauce that is chunkier than that of the pan pizza’s but less chunky than what’s used for a deep dish. The crust is also drier but has a tinge of sweetness to it.


Now that you know the differences between the Chicago stuffed pizza, Chicago deep-dish pizza, and the pan-style pizza, you’ll know which one to get the next time you are in Indiana. Of course, the taste varies from one pizzeria to another, so make sure that you choose a restaurant known for its delectable pizzas!

Doreen’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizza restaurants in Dyer, Indiana. You can dine in, order online for dine-in or take-away, and even call for pizza catering. Order from our pizzeria and experience the best Chicago-style pizzas today!

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