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Doreen’s Pizzeria – The Perfect Guide to Getting the Pizza Order Just Right

Pizza parties are always great, but when you find yourself with too little or too much (yes, there can be too much pizza), it can be a huge hassle, especially for the person footing the bill.

Now, how do you know how many boxes to order? Because sometimes it depends! When you and your friends are starving, you could probably put away one box each. But if it’s a group of conservative eaters, there’s a high risk of getting the order wrong.

To be fair, leftover pizza is fantastic the next day or at midnight. But sometimes, it’s just preferable to clear all the boxes and drift off into a food coma.

So, we’ve prepared a nearly foolproof guide that should help you get the number just right the next time you order pizza.

The 3/8 Rule

When it comes to figuring out how many pizzas to order, it’s a relatively safe bet to apply the 3/8 rule. Wherein you assume that every person has a three-pizza limit. Of course, this is less of a hard and fast rule and more of a rough guideline.

Take your friends’ eating habits into account. How much pizza do you know one person can put away? So, you can safely start from the assumption that three slices are enough for one person and go from there.

Here are the factors you should consider when buying pizza:

  • The total number of people eating pizza
  • The average number of slices people eat per sitting
  • The age of your guests
  • The predicted appetite of your guests
  • If you’ll be ordering or serving other sides or snacks
  • The number of slices your favored pizza store serves

Now, let’s talk about pizza sizes.

Small 10″ Pizza

Most small, 10” pizzas have about four slices. Usually, these pizzas are called solo sizes. While there’s no reason you can’t share them, it might leave you and whoever you’re sharing unsatisfied with such a small bite of food. Adults with small appetites and children, on the other hand. It may be possible that this is enough for them.

It’s also an excellent option for people who want to order a specific type of pizza with toppings that no one agrees with. This gives those people the chance to enjoy their preferred pizza without alienation themselves.

Medium 12″ Pizza

With a medium, 12”, you will usually get six slices of pizza. This is not that much if you’re hungry, but from the small 10”, it’s still way more pizza. This is probably not enough to feed more than two adults, and even then, they might not be sated at all. Medium is the perfect size to feed around two to three children at most.

Medium pizzas are also an excellent option for two people with different topping preferences. You can both enjoy the pizza you want without being left wanting more or wondering what to do with what’s left.

Large 14″ Pizza

The large, 14” pizza contains eight slices. An extra-large will probably have about ten slices, while a party size might have about 12 or 14. These are the ones that are perfect for parties. You can’t go wrong with eight or more slices. You could probably feed around two adults comfortably or four to five kids happily.

These pizzas should have the majority vote toppings so that everyone can enjoy them.


While leftover pizza is not a problem, it might be right after a pizza party. You don’t want to waste any pizza, but you also want to be sure that you have enough. So, by considering the factors listed above and taking pizza size into account. The next time you order pizza, it should be just right!

Doreen’s Pizzeria opened in 1986, and since then, we’ve been serving the best pizza in Dyer. We offer a wide variety of delicious food, everything from your classic pepperoni pizza to sandwiches and salads. If you’re looking for pizza delivery in Dyer, Indiana, look no further because nobody does pizza like us!

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