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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Kick Your Party Up a Notch with These Pizza Party Games!

Pizza party pickup games never let you down, whether it’s on a Friday night or a special occasion like a birthday or graduation party. As a nationally beloved food, pizza is a classic accompaniment to every celebration! If you want to create a memorable pizza party, take advantage of a catering service. Aside from providing the food, pizza catering can even be entertainment!

Once the slices start coming out, piping hot, keep the fun going with a few of the following activities!

1. The Pizza Box Balancing Contest

Engage your guests in a fun pizza box balance challenge to spice things up. The game is best suited for youthful partygoers looking for a good time as it is pretty competitive, despite its simplicity.

Make the challenge more competitive by using larger boxes when playing. All participants should follow exclusion policies. The individual who can hold the box afloat on their head for the longest time wins. To engage all participants while reaping as much fun as possible, prepare a gift for the winner.

2. The Folding Race for To-Go Slice Boxes

The game is a hit with partygoers of all ages. Purchase multiple slice boxes ahead of time to assist you in setting up the game for your guests.

Begin by organizing the attendees into two to five contestant groups. Now roll out all of the flat pizza boxes, teach how to fold them to all of the groups, and let them compete. Set a timer for five to ten minutes and invite all groups to participate in the folding competition.

The game’s goal is to find a winning team that can fold the flattest pizza boxes in the shortest time. Prizes aren’t required, but they’re a great way to keep your visitors engaged and entertained.

3. Pizza Photo Shoot With a Twist

Pizza is a tremendous hit with kids, and they’ll keep eating as long as there’s more to eat. While eating pizza is fun, why not photograph them in style for a more memorable experience?

Adults who consider themselves young at heart can also participate in this amusing game with unique motions and patterns. At a pizza pickup party, different configurations of guests will result in a great gallery while keeping the party alive.

To begin, set up the photoshoot area using pizza as inspiration. Place the table on the side and cover it with a cloth. Assemble all of the pizza boxes and direct your visitors as they devour pizza bits. To get a great look, climb a step ladder and take an aerial shot. As you progress through the game, try out different configurations.

4. The Pizza Pictionary

This game will surely put your academic experience to the test. Always remember to come up with clever clues that have something to do with pizza. There are various Pictionary ideas you can try to add some fun to your party. When it comes to Pictionary games, speed is essential. For a fun time at that upcoming party, try some of these suggestions.

5. Organize a Pizza Relay

For this pizza game, create a fun outdoor relay. It may be best to keep this one only to venues that can get a little messy!

Begin by putting up multiple tables based on the estimated number of guests. It’s worth noting that each team must have at least five players. Assign members in charge of a jar of sauce, a bag of pepperoni, cheese, and a bowl of veggies to each group. To display a recipe, create a poster board. Get everyone to line up and give the front person the pre-made pizza dough.

When told to begin, the first individual must put on a pizza delivery cap and add the appropriate item on the pizza dough according to the recipe’s instructions.

The person must then rush back while holding the pizza box alone. They’ll have to start over if they lose the content. Taking turns, repeat the pizza preparation steps until one has applied all of the dressings. The squad gets crowned and rewarded for coming in first place.

Do you want to spice things up a little? Make each person’s pizza and have them compete against one another while keeping their clothes clean during the process.

Plan a Pizza-riffic Get-Together!

Indeed, pizza is a great party theme for any occasion, including birthdays, retirement parties, and just-for-fun gatherings. Guests will enjoy the theme, which is appropriate for any event.

Are you looking for a pizza catering service to bring these party game ideas to life? You’ve come to the right place. Doreen’s Pizzeria offers delicious pizza that will make you and your guests happy during your gathering. Check out our menu and get ready to start the party!

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