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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Different Types of Pizza You Should Try

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes on earth, and it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t offer a variety of different toppings and flavors. Throughout Italy, local villages would make pizza in their homes and share their creations with their neighbors.

By the time the first pizza ovens were invented, pizza had already spread across the world and had become a popular dish in its own right. It quickly gained popularity in the United States and in Europe, where it was served in small, family-owned eateries.

Today, pizza is a staple in many establishments around the world, and it’s a dish that anyone can enjoy. With that in mind, there are four major categories of pizza, each with its own history and distinct style.

Neapolitan Pizza

The most popular pizza in the world and the one that is most often imitated, Neapolitan pizza is a style that originates from the quaint villages of Naples, Italy. It consists of a dough that is often made with a starter dough and is pressed with a small amount of cornmeal to give it a crunchy, airy texture.

The toppings are often simple, but many pizza chefs use the freshest ingredients from the area and make it a point to use local products whenever possible. The two most popular types of Neapolitan pizza are:

Margherita: This pizza is named after the queen of Italy in the late 19th century and is a classic Italian pizza. It’s topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil.

Marinara: This pizza is named after its simplicity. It’s topped with extra virgin olive oil, sliced mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. It’s a light and flavorful pizza that is a popular choice for lunch.

Chicago Pizza

The Windy City is known for one thing—pizza. Leave it to Chicago to take pizza to the next level with their deep-dish pies and unique flavors. The secret to all of these pies is, of course, the crust. While the deep dish pie itself is unique, it really is what sets it apart from other pizzas.

The crust is thick, crispy, and almost resembles a pie, which allows the toppings to sit on the pie, rather than on the crust. This gives the pizza a rich, hearty flavor and makes it far more filling than its thin-crust counterparts.

New York-Style Pizza

While it’s long been a debate between New Yorkers and Chicagoans as to which city has the best pizza, it’s important to note that both styles have their own unique characteristics.

New York-style pizza is often thinner than Chicago’s deep-dish pies. The crust itself is thin, crispy, and tasty, and it’s often prepared with a small amount of oil to give it an extra layer of flavor.

Sicilian Pizza

While it may not be as popular as the two main styles, Sicilian is still a style of pizza worth considering. It’s thick and crusty, much like other types of pizzas, but the toppings are where Sicilian pizza really stands out.

It’s often more of a meal than a treat, with the crust being more like a bread that the toppings rest on, rather than the typical pie crust. The thick, sturdier crust holds its shape much better, making it possible to eat with your hands and not worry about a big mess.

The Bottom Line: A Delicious Bite on the Popular Types of Pizza

Pizza is a dish that is popular around the world, and with the variety in flavor, technique, and culture, it only makes sense that there are numerous different types of pizza.

From Neapolitan to Chicago deep dish, there is a flavor for every palate, and with pizza’s simplicity and adaptability, it’s an option that always makes a delicious meal.

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