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Doreen’s Pizzeria | A Healthy Take on Pizza – 3 Reasons It’s Good for You!

Pizza is a universally go-to snack, and while everyone has their version of the perfect slice, it has never had a good reputation in the world of health and fitness. Gym buffs take the pizza out of the menu when following a ‘healthy’ diet, but there’s more to pizza than grease and a high-calorie count.

Pizza is continuously under attack, and while the media likes to think it contributes to obesity, nutritionists believe that pizza can be the right choice. When demystifying the nutritional facts about everyone’s all-time favorite comfort food, here is our take on how pizza can be part of a healthy diet:

Benefit #1: Pizza Can Be A Well-Balanced Meal

The best thing about pizza is that it’s versatile, which means it can be the ultimate indulgence, but it can also be a well-balanced meal. Thin-crust pizza can cut back a significant amount of calories compared to deep dish pizza, allowing you to bite into a delicious mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

Benefit #2: Pizza Is A Good Source Of Antioxidants

Many people rave about the cheese or toppings on a pizza, but the bright red sauce is often the unsung hero in this dish. It’s what balances out the explosion of flavors and adds a zesty appeal to every bite, but what makes the tomato sauce even better is that it is a good source of lycopene.

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomatoes, which can help reduce blood pressure and even lower cholesterol levels. Cooked tomatoes are even better since the body quickly absorbs it, so eating pizza is a great way to mitigate certain diseases.

Benefit #3: Plenty Of Fresh Options For The Toppings

As mentioned above, pizza is what you make it to be, which means it can be a healthy snack so long as you choose the right toppings. Loading up every slice with different greens can add an interesting texture, be it spinach, eggplants, zucchini, squash, green bell peppers, onions, and other veggie delights.

The Bottom Line: How Eating Pizza Can Be Good For Your Taste Buds And Health

Most consider pizza a guilty pleasure since it is often mistaken as all grease with no nutritional substance. Fortunately, science discovers that every bite is packed with health-boosting properties more than meets the eye.

For weight watchers who held back on getting an extra slice, now you know there’s no need to take out pizza from your regime, so long as you stick to greens and lean proteins for your toppings.

Why Order From Us?

If you’re craving to indulge in something delicious and healthy in every bite, check us out at Doreen’s Pizzeria. Our pizza restaurant in Dyer, Indiana, offers a hearty selection of unique pizza options that can take you for a gastronomic ride. Get in touch with us today and check out our healthy options – from supreme veggie toppings, gluten-free pizza, and more.

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