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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 5 Smart Tips on How to Throw a Pizza Party for Adults

5 Smart Tips on How to Throw a Pizza Party for Adults

Just because you’re adults doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pizza parties anymore!

Let’s face it. Everyone loves pizza. Now more than ever, pizza parties are making a huge and cheesy comeback and taking center stage on all parties.

A pizza party for adults is a great way to spend time together, have fun, and talk to your guests without you worrying about the things that you usually do when hosting parties. It takes all the pressure on hosting, preparing, cooking, and washing tons of dishes.

If you’re excited about the upcoming pizza party, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five smart tips to create the best pizza party your guests will enjoy.

Personalize Your Pizza Party

Consider personalizing your pizza party by incorporating specific elements you’d love to add. For instance, you and your guests are wine lovers. So why not pair pizza with wine? You can add Italian reds and fragrant rosés, which are perfect with whatever kind of pizza you’ll have.

You can also create a setup for pizza and wine tasting. Add trays of antipasto and balsamic vinegar so your guests can choose their dips as they nibble during the tastings. You can use a variety of white and red wines to pair different pizza flavors, combinations, and toppings. Your guests can pick the best pairings while everyone enjoys both pizza and wine.

Step up Your Pizza Party

Don’t eat right out of the box! You can step up your pizza party by setting up your place just like when you have a regular party. You can use a gingham tablecloth, set the dinnerware, and use some cloth napkins. You can also incorporate rustic slates or wood boards to create that rustic pizza restaurant experience. Add some lights to make the perfect ambiance. Your pizza will taste as delicious, and your guests can enjoy each other’s company while admiring your whole rustic style pizza party.

Host a Potluck

Instead of just bringing all the pizza in one place, you can invite your guests to bring their own choice of pizza to share during a potluck. In this way, you all get to explore different kinds of pizzas and even get to taste new pizzas that you haven’t tasted before.

Don’t forget the appetizers! You can split the menu and have your guests bring in some desserts, entrees, drinks, and appetizers. You’ll be surprised as to what everyone would bring to the table. If you want, you can create a theme, for instance, Italian, so everyone can bring food that involves anything Italian. The choice is yours to get creative so that you can have the best pizza potluck.

Include Games in Your Pizza Party

Parties without games are boring, even for adult pizza parties! Get your energy going as you play games with your guests while eating delicious pizza. What’s great about this is you can eat pizza while you play games.

Think about a casino night. You can pair an excellent variety of pizza with a classic card game, or if you want to step the notch then you can do a murder mystery game so everyone is encouraged to interact while munching their on-the-go pizza.

Go Italian All the Way

You’ll never go wrong with an Italian pizza theme. Pair your Italian pizza with Italian sweets and drinks. You can also go set up an outdoor table with picture frames of the famous Italian art pieces around your space.

Get creative and send Sicilian or Roman postcards to your guests, and they too can dress up as an Italian movie character or a historical figure. You can even watch Italian movies, or if you’re into opera, then you can all enjoy eating your Italian pizza.


Pizza parties are perfect for adults too. It’s just how you present your party that will make it more unique, exciting, and memorable for your guests. You can get your creative juices flowing, and of course, follow these smart and fun tips we have for you so you can level up your pizza party experience for all of your adult guests.

Doreen’s Pizzeria offers a wide range of pizza choices, perfect for any dine-in, takeout, delivery, and pizza catering options for your upcoming pizza party. You do the planning, and we’ll take care of giving you the cheesiest pizza to amp up your party. Check out our online pizza menu to get started!

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