Doreen’s Pizzeria – 4 Amazing Side Dishes You Need to Try When Eating Pizza

Everyone loves pizza! There is something about the combination of a wonderfully cooked crust and fresh toppings that make it such a treat to eat, whether alone or in a group. That said, there may be times when pizza alone is not enough. You might have a specific craving that pizza cannot satisfy. Fortunately, many side dishes out there can fill that little empty void to create a wholly satisfying pizza meal.

Wondering what those side dishes could be? Here are some of them!

1. Roasted Green Beans

Beans are excellent sides to almost every dish, whether pizza or not. Not only are they packed full of proteins that benefit your body, but they also taste amazing.

There are plenty of bean dishes out there, but you must give roasted green beans a try. It’s a light dish that pairs well with a heavy dish like pizza, and it’s incredibly healthy. This means that you can eat more without feeling any guilt at all.

2. Apple and Kale Salad

If you’re looking for a side dish that’s just as colorful as the pizza itself, have a go with an apple and kale salad. This apple-based salad combines prosciutto, feta cheese, and kale into one dish. Just like green beans, this side dish is healthy and light.

To add more flavor to your salads, you can add tasty dressings like apple cider vinaigrette. This pairs well with the apple and everything in the salad, and it freshens your taste buds for another bite of pizza.

3. Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

No one can say no to a tasty mix of cheesy spinach and artichoke, the perfect pair to any dough-based dish. As you know, pizza is such a dish, so it only makes sense that this dip pairs amazingly well with it.

As the name implies, you can dip the pizza into the dip or eat it as is. It’s good either way, and you might just find yourself craving for this cheesy deliciousness every time you order yourself a slice.

4. Spicy Chicken

If you’re a meat lover, you cannot forget the all-amazing spicy chicken sides. The best we can recommend to you would be sticky fingers, a sweet and spicy mix of chicken, butter, garlic powder, sugar, and hot sauce.

There’s no need to worry too much about this dish being a little too unhealthy for your preference. The chicken is baked, not fried, which means less grease without sacrificing any flavor.


There are many other fantastic side dishes out there that we have not mentioned here, from tasty broccoli salads, couscous salads, breadsticks, and more!

If you have yet to try out any of these awesome sides, don’t hesitate to do so. We guarantee that you will love it and find yourself craving for these fantastic side dishes. Fortunately, many places that sell pizzas also serve these dishes. Don’t be afraid to take a little extra time looking at the menu to make your pizza experience that much better.

Doreen’s Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant that offers a variety of pizza and other dishes. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Dyer to order pizza and side dishes, check out our menu!

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