Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

Chicago’s Finest | Deep-Dish Pizza’s Journey through Time

Pizza has its roots in antiquity, with the first mention of it popping up around 600 B.C. Initially, it was a flatbread dish, usually topped with herbs, veggies, and oils, and was popular among the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. As time passed, the dish evolved, eventually becoming the beloved pizza we know and enjoy today.

Pizza in America: A Brief History

In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in America in Manhattan. Since then, Italian immigrants have opened up many more pizzerias in East Coast cities, and the dish has become increasingly popular in Midwestern cities like Chicago. The pizzeria opened by Gennaro Lombardi is still in operation to this day.

During the 1880s, a large number of Italian immigrants left their homes on the East Coast of America and journeyed to the city of Chicago. They did this in search of employment opportunities, as the city had a bustling industrial sector that offered plenty of jobs. These immigrants were mainly from working-class backgrounds, and saw Chicago as a great place to start a new life.

Why Chicago?

Chicago deep-dish pizza is a beloved and iconic dish from the Windy City. It was created by Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo, who combined their passions for business and Italian cuisine to open Pizzeria Uno in 1943. This type of pizza has a thick crust and is filled with cheese, sauce, and other toppings. Chicagoans have been enjoying this delicious pizza ever since.

Sewell and Riccardo created a new type of pizza with a thicker crust, sauce and more toppings than the traditional Italian pizza. This unique pizza quickly became popular in Chicago, spreading the trend across the US.

Modern Versions of the Dish

For over a century, Chicago-style pizza has been the go-to food for the Windy City’s residents. But one particular style of the classic dish stands out above the rest: the Chicago-style deep-dish stuffed pizza. This variety of pizza is a more modern version of traditional deep-dish, but it has all the same delicious elements of a classic Chicago-style pie – just with an extra layer of cheese and toppings tucked away in its center.

What Is Chicago Stuffed Pizza?

Chicago Stuffed Pizza is a type of deep-dish pizza that was developed in the city of Chicago. It’s characterized by a thick crust that is stuffed with cheese and other toppings and then covered by a layer of tomato sauce. This type of pizza is quite different from the more traditional Neapolitan Pizza, as it has a much thicker crust that’s capable of containing multiple layers of toppings.

What Is the Difference between Chicago-Style Deep Dish and Chicago Stuffed Pizza?

The main difference between Chicago-Style deep dish and Chicago stuffed pizza is the crust. Chicago-Style Deep Dish is characterized by a thicker, flaky crust, usually topped with a layer of tomato sauce. On the other hand, Chicago stuffed pizza has a thicker, buttery crust that is filled with a layer of cheese and other toppings before being topped with tomato sauce.


The history of Chicago deep-dish pizza has evolved over the years, and its unique characteristics have made it a beloved dish wherever it is served. From its first creation at Pizzeria Uno in 1943 to the countless deep-dish joints that opened in its wake, this type of pizza has become an integral part of Chicago’s culture and identity. Whether you’re dining in or getting takeout, there’s nothing like a slice of deep-dish, or stuffed pizza that brings a piece of Chicago history to your plate.

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