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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Order the Biggest Pizza

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Order the Biggest Pizza

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the world. It is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and is a staple of celebrations, meals, and gatherings. From its classic Italian roots to its modern interpretations, pizza is an incredibly versatile dish that can be enjoyed in various ways. Its popularity is undeniable, as it is a favorite of many, can be found in restaurants and grocery stores, and even delivered right to your door.

Pizza comes in many shapes, but the most popular ways to present it are round and rectangular. No matter how you enjoy it, pizza is an iconic dish that is sure to please. Whether you’re hankering for a classic slice or a more modern interpretation, there is a pizza for everyone.

That being said, we are sometimes presented with the problem of how big a pizza we should get. If you were to feed a large group of people, should you get the largest size or multiple small ones? We favor the latter, and here are five reasons why you should always get the bigger pizza size.

1. More Slices

By opting for the bigger pizza size, you get more pizza slices per order, meaning you can feed more people. This can be especially helpful if you’re hosting a gathering or party, where an extra slice of pizza is always welcome.

2. Cost-Effective

Buying the bigger pizza size is often more cost-effective than buying multiple smaller ones. Not only do you get more pizza, but you also save money in the long run.

Usually, the cost of a large pizza is cheaper than the total cost of buying multiple smaller pizzas. For example, if a large pizza costs $15 and 2 small pizzas cost $10 each, the total cost of buying the two small pizzas would be $20. Therefore, buying a large pizza is cheaper, saving you $5 in the process. Additionally, the large pizza will have more slices than the two smaller pizzas combined, meaning you can feed more people with the same amount of money.

3. Leftovers

The bigger pizza size gives you the added benefit of having leftovers. This means you don’t have to worry about feeding people the next day or having a snack later. Some people even prefer the taste of reheated pizza, so having leftovers can be a great way to enjoy the same meal multiple times. Furthermore, you can save time and money by not having to purchase more food.

4. Variety

With the bigger pizza size, you may have more options for topping combinations, which can be great for people with different tastes. This allows everyone to get the toppings they want without buying multiple pizzas. Look for pizza restaurants that offer multiple options for toppings to cater to people’s preferences.

5. Easier to Share

A bigger pizza makes it easier to share with a larger group of people. This can be especially helpful for a party or other gathering. Order a rectangular pizza that you can cut into equal squares for equal distribution. This way, everyone gets the same amount of pizza and less food waste.


Pizza is an incredibly popular party food for good reason. It’s delicious, filling, and feeds a large crowd. It can be customized to fit different dietary restrictions, making it an excellent choice for any gathering. Plus, it’s easy to make and affordable, making it an excellent option for entertaining. With its endless topping combinations, it’s no wonder pizza is a classic party favorite.

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