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The Differences Between Chicago Style and New York Style Pizza | What to know

An ongoing debate in the realm of pizza-making is one that involves two beloved favorites – the
New York-style pie and the Chicago-born deep-dish pizza. Pizza lovers have very strong opinions on which one is superior, but in this article, we’ll stay away from the argument. Instead,
we’ll focus on the actual differences between the two so that you can make your own decision
as to which style you prefer.
What are the differences between Chicago- and New York-style pizzas?
These two styles of pizza preparation are vastly different from one another. Let’s break it down
by component, starting from the base and working our way up the entire pie.

  1. The crust: New York-style pizzas typically have thin, crispy crusts—similar to Neopolitan pizzas, except a bit sturdier. On the other hand, Chicago-style pizzas have thicker crusts that extend from the bottom up the entire height of the pizza. This bowl shape is what earned this style of pizza its deep-dish monicker. Sometimes, Chicago-style pizzas feature another layer of dough on the top. These pies are often called stuffed pizzas.
  2. The sauce: Since they have a lighter crust, New York-style pizzas generally have a thin layer of tomato sauce on top of the crust. The sauce they use is also more heavily seasoned, but the small amount used will prevent it from overpowering your palate. In
    contrast, Chicago-style pizzas use chunkier sauce that is more delicate in flavor, since
    the sauce is added in generous amounts.
  3. The cheese: In a similar fashion, New York-style pizzas use grated mozzarella that has low moisture content. This is to prevent the cheese from possibly splitting and making the entire pie soggy. Chicago-style pizzas, however, usually involve multiple layers of
    different cheeses.
  4. The toppings: While there are many different kinds of toppings found in both styles,
    New York-style pizzas are typically finished off with a single layer of each topping to maintain the right proportions. Chicago-style pizzas will be far more substantial, with many layers of different toppings packed inside the pie.
    How do these affect the dining experience?
    From an objective standpoint, the experience of eating a Chicago-style pizza versus one that’s from New York will be distinctly different. In terms of how they are served, Chicago-style pizzas are sliced much like casseroles and will ordinarily require utensils for you to enjoy. New York-
    style pizzas, on the other hand, are cut in triangular wedges that are easily picked up with your
    hands and enjoyed on-the-go.
    In terms of your appetite, a Chicago-style pizza can be extremely filling, and one portion could be enough for some people. New York-style pizzas are much lighter and while they can
    comprise a full meal, they are also eaten as a snack.

Wrapping up
Both styles of pizza have their own merits, and it would be impossible to settle the debate in just one article. With that in mind, go out and try both varieties, as you’ll be the ultimate judge of which pizza reigns supreme for you.
If you’d like to have a taste of real Chicago-style pizza, pay us a visit and we’ll be happy to satisfy your tastebuds. Choose from the 17 different toppings and three types of cheese we
offer to have your pizza exactly how you like it!

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