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9 Styles of Pizza you have to try in the US – Our Guide

Americans love their pizza—so much so that there are dozens of wildly different styles of pizza
enjoyed around the country. All of them are definitely worth trying, and in this article, we’ll
highlight some of the most noteworthy ones.
Get your tastebuds fired up as we take a veritable pizza tour of the US in the following sections!

  1. Chicago deep-dish
    Chicago deep-dish pizzas are hefty pies that have crusts that extend up to its entire height. These have layers of cheese and toppings that are held together by a lightly seasoned tomato sauce.
    Deep-dish pizzas can also feature a second crust on the top, in which case it’s referred to as a
    stuffed pizza.
  2. New York-style
    New York-style pizza resembles Italian pizza, except they are usually much larger. The dough is also more substantial than traditional pizzas, featuring a soft, chewy texture. This makes New
    York-style pizza slices easy to fold, which is arguably the best way to eat it.
  3. Sicilian
    Popular in Portland and Oregon, but enjoyed all over the country, Sicilian-style pizza is usually rectangular or square-shaped. This type of pie has a thick, sometimes crunchy, crust. The sauce sweet and is usually put on top of the cheese to prevent the crust from getting soggy.
  4. Greek
    Iconic in New Zealand, Greek-inspired pizza features typically Greek ingredients such as feta cheese and olives. The dough is slightly thicker than regular pizzas and is baked inside a pan instead of directly on a hot surface. The pan is also generously drizzled with olive oil, allowing the dough to take on a crispy, almost deep-fried, texture.
  5. Neopolitan
    Neopolitan pizzas are the true Italian originals that found their way to American shores. They feature delicate crusts and thin layers of sauce. Toppings are also kept to a minimum, and they are usually served in small sizes. These make them ideal to be eaten as a meal.
  6. Detroit-style
    This type of pizza is usually square-shaped since it was traditionally baked in automotive parts pans. They are constructed similarly to Chicago-style pizzas, where the sauce is placed on top of the other ingredients. Excellent Detroit-style pizzas will have thick, crispy crusts that are soft and airy on the inside.
  7. California-style
    What makes California-style pizzas different is the use of unconventional ingredients such as
    barbecue sauce, nuts, and eggs. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and this together with a
    strong appreciation for fusion cuisine and modern culinary techniques make pizzas from
    California definitely unique.
  8. St. Louis-style
    St. Louis-style pizzas have thin, crispy crusts that are almost like crackers. It features a sweet tomato sauce similar to Sicilian pizzas, but what sets it apart is a generous addition of Provel cheese. This type of pizza is round and is always cut into small squares.
  9. New Haven-style
    This style of pizza is also known as a pizza. It usually has a thin crust that is heavily charred to impart a bitter flavor to the pie. Traditionally, pizzas are cooked in coal-fired brick ovens and have a sweet sauce to contrast the burnt taste.
    Wrapping up
    There you have it! If you’re a serious pizza fan, these nine varieties are sure to be a hit! Use this list as your pizza bucket-list and you won’t be disappointed.
    If you’re looking to try a Chicago deep-dish pizza, get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to
    serve you.
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