Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

Chicago Stuffed Pizza vs. Detroit Pizza | Which Is the Best?

Chicago and Detroit are two of the most iconic cities in the United States and have two of the most iconic pizzas.

Chicago-style and Detroit-style pizza is beloved and widely sought after around the country, but which is better?

In this article, we’ll be comparing Chicago stuffed pizza and Detroit-style pizza and exploring why Chicago-style pizza is often regarded as the superior of the two.

Chicago-Style vs. Detroit-Style Pizza

The main variations between Chicago-style and Detroit-style pizza in terms of the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings are listed below. Let’s find out which is the best pizza in Indiana.


Detroit-style and Chicago-style pizza bases are thicker than thin-crust pizza bases, but their crusts are different.

The flaky, thin, deep crust of a conventional pie forms the foundation of a Chicago-style slice. On the other hand, Detroit-style pizza features a base with a thick, airy crust akin to focaccia.

The lighter texture and cheesy, crispy underside of a crust made in the Detroit style set it apart from other crusts.

The dough for Detroit-style pizza needs to be moister than other types of pizza to create its renowned crunchiness on the outside and chewiness inside.

Detroit-style pizza dough will be able to keep its soft interior while producing a crispy surface once it finds the ideal water-to-flour ratio.

Chicago-style pizza has a deep dish, so the crust is substantial, thick, and still flaky, like pie crust.

Therefore, compared to a Detroit-style pizza crust, a Chicago-style pizza crust is less airy and bready. Rich, buttery dough is stretched over the sides of a round pie plate to make a Chicago-style pizza.


Pizzas in Chicago and Detroit defy convention by slathering their sauces over the cheese. A tasty tomato-based sauce is also included in both varieties of pizza to enhance the flavor.

Despite these fundamental commonalities, there are a few significant differences between the sauces.

Pizza sauce made in Detroit is commonly spread on top in thick “racing stripes” or dollops.

Certain Detroit-style pizza recipes call for adding the sauce after the pie has baked to avoid the sauce turning to mush while cooking. This type of pizza is referred to as a “red top” since the sauce is the last ingredient.

On the other hand, the cheese layer is always placed on top of Chicago-style pizza sauce before baking. To keep the cheese from burning as the pizza bakes, generously sprinkle the pie with crushed tomato sauce.

The cheese on a Chicago-style pie needs this extra defense since deep-dish pizza needs more cooking time.


The cheese content of pizzas cooked in Chicago and Detroit is very different. Wisconsin brick cheese and a milder, semi-soft cheese with high-fat content are frequently used to make Detroit-style pizza.

The cheese’s texture stays gooey in the middle and spills over the crust’s edges to produce a crispy, cheesy shell, giving the crust a delightful buttery flavor from the Wisconsin brick cheese’s fat.

Chicago-style pizza already has a buttery pie crust, so it doesn’t require additional buttery toppings. Instead, mild and creamy mozzarella is frequently used in Chicago-style pizza.

Unlike Detroit-style slices, which have a crunchy caramelized cheese coating, Chicago-style pie’s thick mozzarella slices give slices long strings of gooey, cheesy delight.


The pepperoni frequently added to a pizza made in the Detroit style differs from the large, flat circles that come to mind when we think of a typical pepperoni pizza.

Smaller, thicker rounds of pepperoni are used to make Detroit-style pepperoni pizza, and when they cook, they curl up into tiny cups. These bite-sized pepperoni cups retain their fat as the pizza bakes, enhancing the taste.

Sausage is the customary topping for a slice made in the Chicago fashion. The cheese and tomato sauce are topped in a Chicago-style pie with sausage crumbles before baking.

The cheese and sauce are positioned in the center of a Chicago-style pizza, followed by other toppings, such as meats or vegetables.


In conclusion, Chicago-style pizza is superior to Detroit-style pizza due to its unique crust, which is both flavorful and light in texture. Furthermore, Chicago pizza is typically topped with more generous cheese and sauce, giving it a bold flavor and signature taste.

Additionally, the flavor of the crust is enhanced by the method of cooking in a deep dish pan, which allows for the edges of the crust to be cooked to a perfect crisp. In contrast, Detroit-style pizza has a thicker and denser crust, which can be difficult to bite into and is often greasier than Chicago-style pizza.

Ultimately, combining a light, flavorful crust, generous toppings, and a unique cooking method makes Chicago-style pizza the superior choice when you go to pizza restaurants in Dyer.

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