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10 Questions to Ask before Getting a Pizza for a Large Group

It’s always a good idea to plan when getting a pizza for a large group. Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser, whether for a family gathering, a party, or a work event. But with so many options available, it can take time to decide what type to get.

To make sure you make the appropriate decision, here are ten questions to ask before getting a pizza delivery for a large group.

  1. How Many People Are You Serving?

This is one of the most important questions to ask since it will determine the size of the pizza you need. A common rule of thumb is to get one large pizza for every 4-5 people. If you have more than ten people, consider getting two or three large pizzas to ensure everyone has enough.

  1. Are There Dietary Restrictions You Should Know?

You should also take into account any dietary restrictions your guests may have. If you’re serving vegetarians or people with food allergies, get a few specialty pizzas with the appropriate toppings.

  1. How Much Should You Budget?

It’s essential to consider your budget when ordering pizza for a large group. Do some research to find the best deals and decide how much you’re willing to spend.

  1. What Type of Crust Do You Prefer?

There are many different types of crusts to choose from, so it’s best to ask your guests which type they prefer. Whether a thin, crispy crust or a thick, chewy crust, ensure you get a pizza that everyone will enjoy.

  1. What Type of Sauce Do You Want?

You should also decide what type of sauce you want on the pizza. Whether it’s a classic tomato sauce or something more adventurous like a white sauce or pesto, ensure you get something that all of your guests will enjoy.

  1. Are There Any Special Requests or Toppings?

If you’re ordering pizza for a large group, you may need to accommodate special requests or dietary restrictions. Ask if anyone has any special requests or toppings they’d like to add.

  1. Where Should You Order From?

Once you have all the details, it’s time to decide where to order from. Research and find the best pizza place that fits your needs.

  1. What Other Food Should You Order?

Pizza is excellent, but there are other foods you’ll need for a large group. Consider ordering some sides, such as salads, wings, or garlic bread, to round out the meal.

  1. Should You Order in Advance?

If you’re expecting a large crowd, placing the order in advance is a good idea. This will give you time to ensure all the details are taken care of and the pizza is ready when you need it.

  1. What Type of Delivery Service Should You Use?

When ordering pizza delivery for a large group, you’ll need to decide on a delivery service. Do you want to use a local pizza shop or an online delivery service?


These are just a few pizza delivery questions to consider before getting a pizza for a large group. Keep these questions in mind, and you’ll have a successful pizza party!

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