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All Things Pizza – 5 Historical Facts About the Beloved Dish

You just can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza. Whether it’s during a pizza party or you are simply enjoying one as you watch Netflix, it’s great―no matter how you slice it.

However, as you dig in, you might realize that there are so many things that you don’t know about pizza, and now, you want to go deeper than deep-dish.

This article takes you on a journey by laying out all the must-know facts about this beloved American food. We will be talking about a few random facts as if you were out with your friends, layering your pizza with your favorite toppings. By the end of this article, it is our hope that you appreciate what makes a truly delicious pizza!

  1. Nobody Knows Where the Word Pizza Originated

Although you may have known that pizza comes from Italy, the word itself is not of Italian origin. In fact, there are some crust-cutting conspiracy theories that the word comes from the Ancient Greek word “pikte” which means “fermented pastry.” Others say it comes from “pitta” which sounds like how your baby cousin may say the word pizza but is actually defined as “bran bread.”

However, the Italians have a compelling rebuttal by saying the word actually comes from “pizzicare” which means “plucking quickly from the oven.” However, plucking it quickly may just undercook the pizza, so the verdict is still out.

  1. Pizza Slices? Unheard of!” – With Love, From Italy

That’s right―Italians serve their pizzas whole and sometimes cut it up into rectangular or square pieces. The round pizzas with the slices that we all know and love actually come from New York. It was a way for early pizzerias to sell to as many customers as they can. The first slices of pizza also gave birth to what we know now as the New York Style.

  1. Where’s the Tomato Sauce?

You probably can’t imagine any pie having no tomato sauce. In fact, that’s what makes a great Chicago stuffed pizza, will all the warm and comforting sauce layered with cheese and meaty toppings. So why is the sauce a pizza staple now? Actually, no one really knows. That’s right―not even Italy.

You see, pizza has been around even long before the explorers in Europe ever brought tomatoes to the New World back in the late 1500s. However, just because you don’t know the whole story, it’s definitely not a reason for you not to enjoy yourself a slice.

  1. Different States, Different Shapes and Slices

As there are many popular slices of pizza around the United States, there are some top-notch pies that you need to try.

For instance, if you make your way to St. Louis, enjoy the cracker-like pizza pie they serve that is topped with Provel cheese. Down in Detroit, they make square pizzas that are baked to perfection in rustic industrial-like trays. There are so many others that are even state-secret pies, so make sure you expand your pizza palate by trying all kinds around the country.

  1. Chicago Stuffed Pizza is a 1940 invention?

If you are feeling stuffed with facts, you will definitely want a piece of this one. Did you know that the famous stuffed pizza comes from a Chicago pizzeria in 1943? Yes―Pizzeria Uno is literally the numero uno to serve up the beloved deep dish. It was cooked up by Chef Rudy Malnati and Ike Sewell. Since their first opening, many other pizzerias are more than capable of serving it up today. You can definitely enjoy it even outside Chicago!


Now that we’ve pieced together all the pizza facts, make sure you treat yourself to one today! When you go to another pizza party, laying down all these facts is definitely a neat party trick to have!

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