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7 Delicious Types of Pizza Crusts – What to Know

When it comes to pizza, the crust is an essential part of determining the quality of the entire pie. That is why there are now different pie crusts today that add a twist to the traditional crust that many people have grown to love. These variations of coatings are more experimental and provide the best of both worlds. Despite the type of coating you choose, the pizza as a whole will undoubtedly remain delicious.

In this article, we will share seven delicious types of pizza crust that you can try to satisfy your cravings:

  1. Flatbread

If you want to eat pizza while you stay lean, this is the perfect crust for you. Make it even tastier by sprinkling trendy toppings to it.

  1. Bready Crust

If you want a coating that is thick and fluffy, then you will surely want to try a bready crust. It is chewy and filled with flavor, which will make you feel full fast.

  1. Stuffed Crust

Stuffed pizza crusts are a godsend for many people. The crust contains food items like mozzarella and sausage, which make it a hearty meal that will fill you up to the brim!

  1. Bagel Crust

A unique twist to coatings, the bagel alternative gives pizza lovers the best of both worlds. The bagel has a thinner and flakier crust that will let you enjoy the texture of bagel while you get the goodness of pizza.

  1. Thin Crust

Thin crust is a favorite because the crust is crispy, light, and thin. Usually, these pies are cut into squares to give you a smooth mouthful of deliciousness.

  1. Deep Dish Crust

This is merely a pizza that resembles a pie! It’s deep, and the crust is on the top and bottom. If you want a bigger and more filling pizza, a deep dish option will surely do justice to your cravings.

  1. NYC-Style Crust

A world-famous slice, this features a medium-thickness crust that is filled with seasoning. It is about 8” to 20”, which makes for a classic NYC pizza. The coating is flimsier compared to other alternatives, yet it still works well. You just need to fold it to eat it!


At this point, you might not have realized that there are many types of pizza crusts today until you read this article. Perhaps, you may have tried most of them, but you didn’t know what it’s called.

As mentioned, regardless of the type of crust you choose, you can guarantee that your choice will taste amazing, because that’s how pizza works! You just need to find a good store that hits all the right spots for you. However, don’t get it wrong because the coating that you choose still plays a significant role in your pie because it dictates its texture, thickness, taste, and topping selection. When it comes to the technical aspect, your choice affects the baking, appearance, and even the presentation of the pie. For this reason, it’s the catalyst for pizza innovation!

Remember to choose wisely. Now that you’re aware of the different pizza crust types, you’ll be able to choose a pie that you will surely love. At the same time, don’t restrict yourself to only one option because it doesn’t hurt to explore your options—trust us, they’re all good!

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