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Umami | The Science Behind Pizza’s Irresistible Taste

Ever since it originated in Italy, pizza has been considered a top comfort and high-consumption food by many. With its versatility, this can serve many guests all at once and can be enjoyed at various celebrations and special occasions.

Aside from being easy to afford, quick to prepare, and convenient to access, what makes pizza truly tasty and satisfying is its unbeatable taste that captivates people around the world. If you are wondering what makes pizza almost impossible to resist, then this article is for you. Here, we will expose the truth about what makes the taste of pizza just like ours in our restaurant in Dyer, Indiana unique and appealing.

Umami: The Flavor That Makes Pizza Enticing

Pizza is full of umami, which means “delicious” in Japanese. Just like the other types of taste, which are sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, umami is a rich and savory flavor that your taste buds taste and recognize.

Substances in all types of pizza, including Hawaiian, pepperoni, Chicago-stuffed pizza, and more stimulate your taste buds and make you feel and recognize umami. As you taste umami and glutamate in your pizza, you will crave it more.

Glutamate: A Flavor Enhancer

Popular for its reputation in monosodium glutamate (MSG), glutamate is an amino acid that acts as a flavor enhancer. It also serves as a natural flavor enhancer that can be found in some foods.

Meat, Tomatoes, and Pizza: Glutamate-Rich Pizza Ingredients

In general, more glutamate means more flavor in food. Since pizza is topped with meat, tomatoes, and aged cheese that are rich in glutamate, you are assured that each and every bite you take in your pizza slice is appetizing and flavorful!

An average slice of pizza has around three tablespoons of tomato sauce that contains 140 milligrams of glutamate. This also has about one tablespoon of Parmesan cheese that has around 75 milligrams of glutamate. Combined with other pizza toppings that can enhance flavor, you are hooked with every bite and left wanting for more.

Also, according to culinary professionals, pairing similar flavor compounds can make the flavors even more defined. Because of this, you have to combine tomatoes and mozzarella cheese that have 4­methylpentanoic acid, which is a flavor compound, to get the best pizza experience that you deserve.

A Health Reminder

Pizza is irresistible. Once you finish one slice, it can be next to impossible to control yourself to reach for another slice or more. However, while munching on these treats is enjoyable and satisfying, remember that this food contributes to about 27% of your total calorie intake as well as about a third of your total sodium intake and an elevated saturated fat intake a day. To eat pizza the healthier way, make sure to top your pie or slice with ingredients that are rich in nutrients your body needs.


Pizza is a well-loved food by many because of its taste. To make your every slice even more delightful and mouthwatering, don’t forget to top your pizza with various toppings and other ingredients that are rich in glutamate. By doing this, you can stimulate your taste buds and enjoy your every bite!

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or trying to appease a late-night craving, you can get a sumptuous pizza at the best restaurant in Dyer, Indiana. We offer delivery, carry-out, dine-in, and catering options. Contact us to place your order!

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