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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Why You Should Probably Have Pizza on the First Date

Going on a date can be nothing short of nerve-wracking, whether it’s a little more spontaneous than expected or you’ve planned it weeks ahead. In the midst of your flurry of thoughts, one question is probably on your mind: “What’s the first date going to be?”

Some people plan something grand like going golfing or having a mini-vacation away, while others settle for seeing a movie at the theaters. There are endless possibilities, but don’t forget that the primary purpose of a first date is to get to know each other.

What we propose is an early pizza dinner date for that particular meeting with that extra special person. Here are a couple of reasons why:

The Aura of a Pizzeria

Some places just seem like they were made for talking, and a pizza restaurant has one of those ambiances. It’s a little classy without feeling overbearing, and you won’t feel stiff about sitting there. And at nighttime, you get that natural white lighting so you can still see your date.

Aside from the mouthwatering scent of pizza and a few quirky decorations on the side, there’s nothing that will distract you from the conversation. Don’t forget to compliment your date and maybe buy him or her a drink or two.

Easy to Get Comfortable

If you and your date don’t feel like being in a pizzeria, it’s so easy to call for takeout and go to the park instead for an improvised picnic by the bench and look at the stars. Or you could just order delivery right off the bat to go to their apartment, listen to some music, and have one of those deep talks on the couch.

Pizza is just such a great comfort food that you can quickly eat anywhere already. Sharing a box with someone you’re getting to know lets you easily slip into this safe and casual feeling. And it just ends up being great because there’s no pressure and you can freely talk to them.

Frugal Without Being Cheap

Most of the worry that comes with first dates is the budget. Some people may be thinking that the money someone spends on the date is a little insider of how much money they have. Albeit a little ridiculous in 2021’s economy, pizza is an excellent middle option that men and women alike can afford to pay for.

Plus, unlike some other date ideas that will require you to splurge a lot more than you bargained for, you can feel satisfied after a couple of pizza slices. If your date feels the same, they’re a keeper!

Can’t Go Wrong With Pizza

Every person in the world likes pizza or some variation of it. Even most lactose-intolerant people would sacrifice one night just to enjoy a slice. Almost anyone can indulge in this dish with a few appetizers and side accompaniment to go.

Also, consider the wide flavor selection you can choose from; split the pizza into two halves if you both have differing tastes. Or, who knows, maybe you’ll both like the same unique toppings and bond over that.


It can be fun to just hang out with your date with a pizza in hand. There’s just no need to seem pretentious, and you get all the time in the world to learn what they’re like. Fingers crossed that it will work out!

Doreen’s Pizzeria serves the best pizza in Indiana that can impress your long-time crush. Get delivery, carry out, dine-in, or catering in Chicago and Dyer. Call us today!

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