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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Tips to Ensure Your Pizza Stays Warm for Your Party

Pizza is classic party food, and it’s easy to see why. Pepperoni or cheese pizza is always a hit with adults and children during a gathering. The question is, how can you keep the pizza warm and tasty throughout your event?

This article will show you how to keep your pizza warm for your party.

Keeping the Pizza Warm on the Way Home

The adventure begins on your trip from the restaurant. You may skip this step if you want pizza to be delivered to your door. However, this is important if you are getting party pizza near you. Alternatively, a heated seat might help keep your pizza fresh while on the road.

It’s not just for keeping you toasty in the winter that heated chairs are excellent for keeping your pizza hot. The pizza should be placed on a heated car seat and covered in blankets to retain the heat.

The floor vents may be turned up if you don’t have heated seats in your vehicle.

Keeping It Warm during Your Indoor Party

You’ll want to keep your pizza warm throughout your party after it arrives at your home. Here are some suggestions for keeping your pizza warm for up to three hours during your party:

1 – Using Aluminium Foil to Hold the Heat

You may start plating your food as you wait for your guests to arrive. Wrap each piece of pizza in aluminum foil to keep it warm.

You may reheat the pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for around 5 to 10 minutes if the slices have cooled down before your guests arrive.

As soon as it’s warmed through, take off the aluminum foil and plate the pizza for your guests.

2 – Putting It in the Oven

You can also reheat the entire pizza in the oven if you have one. You don’t have to worry, as the pizza box won’t catch fire until you reach over 400 degrees. You can set your oven at the lowest temperature and put your pizza box on the middle rack.

If you have a cooler pizza, it’s best to reheat it out of the box. Have your oven preheated at 350 degrees, and put the pizza without the box on the middle rack. This high temperature can ensure warm toppings and a crispier crust.

Alternatively, you can also use a toaster at a higher temperature for a short time.

3 – Using a Trusty Microwave

Ensure your microwave is large enough to accommodate the pizza slices. After that, put your pizza on a microwave-safe platter. Fill a small, microwave-safe bowl halfway with water. Lay the bowl in the center of the microwave, and then place your pizza dish on top of it.

The water in the basin will evaporate, keeping the pizza from becoming soft and mushy. Microwave your pizza for about a minute on half power. Check your pizza and microwave for an additional minute or two if necessary.

Keeping It Warm for Your Outdoor Event

When hosting an outdoor gathering, keeping your pizza warm might be more challenging. You can use a portable oven to reheat it or an insulated bag to keep it warm.


Who doesn’t love some crunchy and warm pizza? It’s the ideal temperature to get a fun cheese pull, and your toppings are at their best texture. You can keep your pizza warm for your party by following these tips.

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