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Doreen’s Pizzeria – The Different Pizza Crust Types to Know and Try

Pizza is a well-loved food around the world. This easy and delectable food can fill people’s tummies and satisfy their cravings. It is a blend of carbohydrates, vegetables, meat, and cheese, which are crowd favorites. Not only can you play around with the flavors you want to try, but it also offers many crust types that would give eaters a different experience each time.

If you want to explore and see how else you can change the dynamics of your favorite pizza, here are some pizza crusts you can try and how they will make the experience unique:

Kinds of Thick-Crust Pizza

  • The Traditional Pan Pizza

As the name implies, this pizza is pan-fried on both sides and then baked. It has a thick crust because it is a deep-dish pizza. It is one of the common types of pizzas found in the United States of America and has a lot of toppings, cheese, and sauce, making this pizza a hit. It is usually square-shaped, with more dough in the center and less on the sides, which allows you to insert more toppings and sauce.

  • The Deep Dish Pizza

This pizza is deep-fried on the sides and the crust. Deep dish pizza is a variation of pan pizza, and it is popular in the United States. The difference with the traditional pan pizza is that the deep dish pizza crust is not as thick. It is also not as deep as the pan pizza. Deep dish pizza is usually bottom-fried and then baked. It allows the ingredients inside to be cooked evenly.

  • The Authentic Wood-Fired Crusts

This pizza is cooked in ten seconds in a wood-fired oven. That is mainly because there is less moisture in the air than in a regular range. It allows the pizza crust to be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Kinds of Thin-Crust Pizza

  • The New York-Style Pizza Crust

Here is a thin crust pizza with a larger-sized rim. The New York-Style Pizza crust is thicker than the other types and is a bit chewy. Usually, this pizza has no tomato sauce topping, only cheese and toppings. It is a truly thin pizza crust, which you can use to substitute bread if eating bread is not your thing.

  • The St. Louis Pizza Crust

St. Louis pizza is basically a deep-dish pizza. The crust is thick and crispy and sometimes has a chewy texture. The crust is not merely 1/4-thick but so thin you can see through it.

  • The Flatbread Crust

Flatbread is a simple and thin-crust pizza made of leavened dough and cooked on a flat surface. This crust is usually used as pizza crust and is also referred to as “pizza bread.” The flatbread crust is usually topped with tomato sauce and other ingredients.

  • The Neapolitan Pizza Crust

The Neapolitan crust is thin and flat. It is crunchy on the outside with a lot of charring. This crust is made of dough that is not tightly stretched. There is a high amount of protein, salt, and yeast in the pizza dough.

This dough is elastic, slightly dry, and kept warm to rise and ferment for about two hours. After the dough has been fermented, the pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven. The crust is expected to be soggy, but the Neapolitan pizza crust is a crispy one.


Start exploring and testing out these different types of pizza crust. In doing so, you will be able to experience your favorite foods over and over again. Furthermore, if you are tired of having the same tasting pizzas each time, mix it up and change the type of crust you have. You will enjoy the change and enjoy your favorite food even more.

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