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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Fun and Creative Ways to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding

If you and your fiance are pizza lovers, then there’s no question about it – you should serve some pizzas on your big day! But because you can’t exactly just order boxes of pizzas and pass them around, you need some creative ideas for how you’re going to serve pizzas on your wedding day.

Here are some awesome ideas from one of the best pizza restaurants in Dyer:

Have a Pizza Bar

Of course, having a pizza bar allows your guests to eat whatever kind of pizza they want. But it also allows you to serve a wide variety of toppings and pizza slices that are suited for everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re serving Italian, Italian-style, or Hawaiian pizza, it’s guaranteed that your guests will find something that they love.

Serve Pizza Rolls

If you’re looking for a simple alternative to pizzas, then pizza rolls are a good choice. After all, pizza rolls are easy to make and are very convenient to serve. All you need to do is to roll up the pizza dough and fill them with the toppings of your choice. You can also have a variety of these and have your guests choose which kind of pizza roll they’d like to eat. This can be an excellent alternative if you’re serving pizzas that are different from the general ones.

Serve Pizza Squares as Appetizers

If you’re hosting a big celebration for your wedding, you might want to serve your guests some appetizers at the beginning of the event. You can choose to serve some pizza squares as appetizers, especially if you’re in a limited space. This is a great way to nibble on something while you wait for the main dish to be served.

Turn Pizza Into a Unique Dessert

If you want something different for your dessert, you can slice the dough and make a pizza. And instead of having traditional toppings, you could have some fun and have your cake frosting on top of the slices of pizza. If you’re really feeling creative, you could even add some sprinkles on top to make it even more fun and visually appealing.

Use Pizza Toppers on Your Wedding Cake

If you’re planning to have a cake on your wedding day, then you should consider using some pizza toppers on the cake to make it look like a pizza. This is a great idea if you have such a theme for your wedding. These toppers can include pizza sauce, pepperoni, olives, cheese, and more. You can also choose to just have some pizza slices on the side of iced-down pizza to make it look like you’ve already served it.

Give Pizzas as Party Favors

If you’re having a big wedding celebration and you want to reward your guests for coming, you can serve pizzas as party favors. This allows you to have fun with your wedding favors as well as give your guests something that they could munch on their way home. This will only add to the fun factor of the event.


Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or a themed one, serving pizzas is a great way to spice up your event. And whether you’re choosing to have pizzas as appetizers or as desserts, this is something that will surely satisfy your guests’ hunger on your wedding day. Because it’s an extra special day, make sure that you only serve the best pizza in Indiana to your guests.

Doreen’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizza restaurants in Dyer that do offer catering services. Contact us today to find out how we can meet all your pizza needs for your big day!

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