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Doreen’s Pizzeria – Fun and Creative Ideas to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding

Wedding receptions are one of the most awaited parts of the celebration. This is where almost all the fun activities happen: hitting the dance floor, playing games with guests, and most importantly, bonding over delicious food and refreshments.

When the reception menu is mentioned, classic food options like roasted chicken, pasta, and filet mignon come to mind. These formal meals are appetizing, but honestly, that is not what everyone is craving. If you want to serve comfort food that even the picky eaters will love, consider adding pizza to your menu.

Why Should You Serve Pizza at Your Wedding?

Pizzas in wedding receptions are getting trendy and with good eason. Serving these tasty snacks seems odd or even ridiculous, but this gives your guests a unique dining experience. Plus you can cut down on your expenses since they are way cheaper than the usual extravagant catered meals. This lets you use the budget you saved on more important aspects of your wedding.

Pizzas also come in different flavors: Chicago-stuffed, pepperoni, meat supreme, Hawaiian, and more. Because of this, hungry guests can enjoy choosing which ones they want to eat.

What Are Some Exciting Ways to Serve Pizza on Your Special Day?

Pizza is enjoyed on different occasions, including birthday parties, family outings, or fun movie nights with friends. However, it’s rarely served at weddings.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t pizza too casual for such a fancy affair? The good news is this fan-favorite dish can easily become wedding-worthy. Here are some creative ideas to try for your big day:

  • Hors D’oeuvres

Cocktail hour lets guests mingle with one another. This can be tricky because you have to ensure everyone is satisfied but still have room for dinner. Thankfully, these pizza bites can make great appetizers.

  • Custom Pizza Bar

You can feed your guests with freshly made pizza on your wedding day thanks to pizza restaurants that create made-to-order pies for guests. To make your pizza-loving attendees happy and delight their tummies and taste buds, create a wedding menu with multiple pizza options. Better yet, serve them on a long buffet table and create a DIY pizza bar where everyone can pick their own toppings, cheese, and sauce!

  • Dessert

Savory pizza can be transformed into a lip-smacking dessert. Instead of mozzarella, meat, and tomato sauce, top the snack with a chocolate base, banana and strawberry slices, candy sprinkles, and even whipped cream. Allow guests to think outside the box and experiment with different ingredients to create their very own sweet treat.

  • After Party Snacks

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Before you know it, it’s time for everyone to go home. But for those staying and ready to party on, it’s best to offer them pizza for a late-night snack. Consider ordering from your favorite pizza restaurant or ask the venue to bring out snacks for the afterparty.


Wedding food options don’t have to be boring and traditional. If you want to shy away from serving the usual classy meals and opt for something new, why not serve pizza on your big day? After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you might as well make it as unique and unforgettable as possible by trying these creative suggestions. So start crafting your one-of-a-kind menu and wow your guests by seeking pizza catering!

If you are looking for popular pizza restaurants in Dyer, Indiana or Chicago, Illinois, then you’ve come to the right place. At Doreen’s Pizzeria, we offer catering options for any occasion. Contact us to discuss your preferred menu options!

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