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Doreen’s Pizzeria – 5 Best Pizza Toppings That Will Make Your Mouth Water

5 Best Pizza Toppings That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Pizza is a universally beloved meal. It is a staple food at parties, sleepovers, or family dinners. But while most people will agree that pizza is delicious, we can never seem to agree on the best toppings. If you want to start a heated debate, just ask someone what their favorite pizza topping is and wait for someone to disagree.

Pineapples vs no pineapples debate aside, here is a definitive ranking of what people believe are the top five best pizza toppings.

  1. Pepperoni

When you picture a pizza in your mind, doesn’t pepperoni just happen to be on it? Aside from the cheese pizza, pepperoni is a classic. These thin, spicy slices just balance out the cheese and tomato sauce on the pizza.

If you are a pepperoni pizza enjoyer, then you appreciate the classic taste of pizza.

  1. Mushroom

On its own, mushrooms might not be the snack of choice for some. But on a pizza? Mushroom is simply one of the best toppings.

The soft fungi slide right through and bring out the richness of the pizza sauce. It’s a simple topping that is not overwhelming but can accentuate your pie. The best part? There are many types of mushrooms that you can mix and match. Regardless of whether it’s a shitake or portobello mushroom, you’ll enjoy its earthy taste.

  1. Sausage

Nothing quite brings out the spice in your life like a good sausage pizza. The small bits of spice contrast to the consistency of the cheese, so you don’t get tired of the taste. It’s one of the most beloved pizzas by meat lovers everywhere.

  1. Black Olives

Black olives are another one of those toppings that you would think twice about consuming on its own. On a pizza, however, they bring out a rich taste in the pie and are not as overpowering a taste as the others in this list.

  1. Green Peppers

Green peppers, when paired with any other pizza topping, will blend the two flavors together. If black olives aren’t overwhelming, then green peppers are the opposite. They will spark a series of colorful flavors in your mouth when you consume them.

People who enjoy a good pizza with green peppers must live exciting lives.

Bad Pizza Toppings?

If there are good pizza toppings, then there are also relatively bad pizza toppings. Ever heard of an avocado pizza? The combination seems unimaginable. Egg pizza doesn’t sound like a good idea either, but maybe it’s an acquired taste.

Another fan favorite (to hate on) is broccoli pizza. When done right, vegetables on a pizza could taste so good. Unfortunately, broccoli doesn’t make the cut. Neither do pickles. While this flavor tastes so well on other viands and snacks, its presence on a pizza is questionable.

Although these pizza toppings are not as universally loved, you’ll still find some niche pizza lovers who crave this flavor.


No matter the pizza topping, nothing should stop you from enjoying a warm slice of pizza with your friends or family.

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