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Doreen Pizzeria – Go Adventurous with These Crazy Pizza Toppings to Try

Are you looking for something more exciting than the classic pepperoni or the cheesy Chicago stuffed pizza we offer? There are other crazy and fun options for you to try! Be warned that some of these ideas may leave you wanting (or not) for more!

Grilled Honey Chicken with Sriracha

Go sweet and spicy with this flavor that will definitely leave you wanting more! The honey balances out the heat from the sriracha, which makes for a balanced pizza topping.

If you’re going for a slightly more smokey flavor, you can also go for our very own Buffalo Chicken Supreme pizza!

Sweet Dessert Pizza

For some people, dessert is perfect for any time of the day, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Why not add your favorite sweet desserts to pizza? Enjoy a chocolate spread topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and ice cream.

You can also add fresh marshmallows before sending them to the oven for that perfect gooey sugar rush.

Chicken Tikka Masala Toppings

Are you looking for something savory? You can’t go wrong with Britain’s favorite creamy tikka masala. It’s the perfect blend of creamy sauce, tomato, and spice now on your pizza!

Red Peanut Curry

Are you torn between going for Indian or Italian for your dinner? You can go for both! Enjoy the goodness of chicken cooked in red peanut curry sauce topped with fresh basil leaves on your pizza base.

You can also add other protein sources such as beef, pork, or prawns instead of chicken.

Crispy Calamari

Are you craving the clean crunch of fresh calamari rings? You can now enjoy it with your pizza!

With a variety of cheeses, baby spinach, and aioli, you’re in for a unique flavor!

Nacho with Your Pizza?

Who doesn’t want the savory and spicy nacho meat, beans, and cheese? Picture these as toppings on a crispy pizza base instead of nacho chips, and you’ve got nacho pizza! You can even add some corn chips, guac, and sour cream for the whole experience.

You can even up the ante by trying our very own Taco Pizza! Savor your usual taco but on a pizza base with nacho chips!

Rhubarb, Basil, and Apply Honey BBQ Sauce

This is one of the craziest combinations you may have heard of, but it honestly works out. The rhubarb, basil, and barbecue sauce make for a savory pizza that will leave you wanting more.

Bacon Sausage, Jalapeño, and Sriracha

Are you a fan of our meat supreme pizza? You’re bound to love this crazy combination if you would like to ramp up the spice!

Apples, Onions, and Goat Cheese

Yes, we know this flavor sounds crazy and unappetizing, but they sure make a sweet and savory combination when baked! With a bit of thyme and honey, you’ve got the perfect sweet and delicious pizza.

Breakfast Pizza

You may have had a breakfast burrito or a breakfast taco, but have you had a breakfast pizza? Sausages, parmesan, bacon, and egg on your pizza make for a savory breakfast treat!


If you’re feeling adventurous, there are various crazy pizza toppings out there waiting for you! Make your party more exciting with a crazy choice for your next pizza delivery.

Are you looking for the best pizza in Indiana? Our wide array of options at Doreen Pizzeria are waiting for you! We also offer gluten-free and keto pizza for people with dietary restrictions. Check out our menu today!

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